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Vans Warped Tour 2005

The Warped Tour Goes out using V-Dosc.

Rat Sound Systems is very proud to return to the Warped Tour after ten years! Rat Sound was the original sound provider for the

very first warped tour in 1995 and now,10 years later, returns with matching flown V-Dosc rigs on both main stages and matching

Rat Trap 5 systems for the 3rd and 4th stages.

This year, for the main stage, the Warped Tour is going out with identically flown V-Dosc (6 V-dosc per side) plus arcs and

six Rat subs aside. Yamaha 4K consoles are being used for both main stage monitors and FOH.

In addition to the main stages, Rat is providing 4 Rat Trap 5's and 4 Rat subs per side for the 2 side stages.

For venues which necessitate the combining of the 2 side stages (see picture below) into one, the Warped Tour uses

a creative and flexible solution. The stages can be

set up next to each other on one stage, but so the bands can play at alternate times from each half of the stage.

Blast from the Past - Warped Tour Dates 1995

L to R - Daniel, Nemo, Tommy
Ivan, Jamie, Taka, Manny, Kevin

L to R Jason, Jeff, Mike,

The Crew Arrives!

The side Stages combined

The 2 small 4 Rat Trap, 4 Rat sub stages combined into an 8 and 8 perside

The L'Acoustics Main Stage

Jamie at FOH, main Stage

Ivan Sound Checks

Stage Manager de La Cruz!

Our Friend Shon Hartman (Offspring) goes over final checks with Taka

Nemo and Tommy Rat
Tommy Rat Shows off the Rat Stage Box

The New ultra compact Rat 20 ch. Aluminum Stagebox designed by Rat's Jon Monson

Bryan Bishop Stage Mgr

You may recognise Tripple J from the message board!

The Warped Tour moces on to the next venue!
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