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Re: Chili's @ Murrayfield. ATTN: Dave Rat

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Posted by Ian on July 11, 2004 at 15:16:08:

In Reply to: Re: Chili's @ Murrayfield. ATTN: Dave Rat posted by Dave Rat on July 07, 2004 at 22:04:28:

: Hello Ian,

: I am sorry to hear that you did not enjoy the Peppers show. Myself, Nick the Fly, Tony and all of the sound companies we used, all worked very hard to insure that the sound was the absolute best it can be at every venue.

: As I am sure you are aware, sound is a very personal and perception based entity. There is no doubt in my mind that even the absolute best show, when presented to 60,000 people, will not please everyone. Additionally, there are many obstacles that cause the sound to be less than optimum in certain areas and locations.

: Based on your chosen listening/viewing position, what immediately comes to mind is that a major portion of the sound from the system would have been blocked by the massive 20 foot by 30 foot by 24 foot high 'sound/light/video/followspot' covered/tented riser that was 40 feet in front of you and just to your left.

: I must say that I personally have a huge dislike for those large scaff towers in the audience area and reducing their presence and increasing the distance from stage is one of my next projects I hope to tackle on future tours. Unfortunately, those production control towers are surpisingly considered to be 'acceptable' to put in the prime viewing areas.

: As far as the "Pretty Awful" opinion, I made very few changes to the sound throughout the show. The cahnges that I did do were on a very minor scale, and more song based than system or mix based. In response to your comments, I have listened to the live 2 track mix of that actual show to hear the sound progression of the mix. I wanted to discern the diference between the mix early on and then later in the show.

: Based on your opinion on the sound of "I Feel Love", knowing where you were standing and recalling the mix of the show, it seems that your positive perceptions are directly aligned with increases I made in the overall sound volume of the show.

: I must say that sound volume was one of the most challenging aspects and frustrations I faced on the tour. I had a multitude of rules and regulations to follow throughout the tour at various venues. In order to absolutely maximize the impact of the show, I have been running the show up near full allowable volume at the onset, then slowly backing down till the sound cops calm down. I then begin a slow progress upwards in volume to finish the show at full again. "I Feel Love", Get On Top, Right on Time and Give It Away being a few of the songs I consistently turn up and push beyond the limits of "what I am supposed to do" volume-wise.

: Temperature does have a slight effect and colder usually means brighter but correcting for the variation is relatively simple and easy.

: I do thank you for your comments and I take all input very seriously. I am not sure if you are following the tour log article I wrote but if not, maybe take a look. It will cover the entire tour and is being posted in segments.


: Dave Rat

Many thanks for your reply Dave, as I said, my comments were entirely intended to be constructive, and it's great to hear feedback from someone on the "front line" of the Tour, like yourself.

Regardless of my personal perceptions/opinions of the Murrayfield show, you better believe I'll still be first in line for tickets the next time RHCP play in Scotland :)

Kind regards, & best wishes,


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