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Re: EQ-X/over-amp-speaker

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Posted by Mike McLaughlin on April 27, 2004 at 15:18:31:

In Reply to: EQ-X/over-amp-speaker posted by Mike on April 26, 2004 at 21:36:17:

: Educating myself with sound system setups has certainly been a bigger challenge then I thought. With that said, someone please tell me if my setup is good or bad.

: 18" speaker subs. Fane speakers rated at 250 watts@8ohms.
: (1) sub per side.

: On top of the subs I have Peavey SP-1's. 15" speaker and a decent size radial horn. I believe rated at 150 watts@8ohms.
: (1) Sp-1 per side.

: I'm using (2) DOD SR835 crossover's in 3-way mono mode.
: (1) crossover per side for stereo tri amp configuration.

: From my FOH board (Behringer MX3282A) left/right out to DOD dual 31 band EQ. Out of EQ to snake send 100' to the crossovers on stage and then to amps.

: I have set the Low/Frequency knob on channel 1 to 150Hz cause I don't really know what Freq the Fanes should have.

: Channel 2 on the X-over is set at 600Hz as this is what I see marked on the back of the SP-1's.

: I run a line out of the X-over low to one side of a Peavey CS-800 rated at 240 watts@8 Ohms

: 1 line out of X-over mid to another Peavey CS-800 for low/mid input on the SP-1.

: And 1 line out of X-over to a QSC RMX850 rated @ 200 watts@ 8 Ohms to the Hi input of the SP-1.

: I do the same for the other side.

: Now this seems to work and sound good but, I tend to see the amp for the subs light up red often when I'm pumping bass and kick drum.

: Should I just bridge all the amps and have a supply much larger then the demand? Is that safer, smarter or as risky?

: I also use some old compressors with inserts and an Alesis Microverb for reverb/delay..... but that has nothing to do with my main power and speaker setup.

: I don't really know much about testing speakers for frequency, or wattage.... I'm really a guitarist turned sound dude. Better pay and I don't have to learn junk songs.... but thats another issue.

: I appreciate any thoughts on the matter. I know that the speakers and CS-800's are relics but, is all I have for now until the money adds up and I buy better stuff. The Behringer was a great idea I thought for the price....

: Mike


How low do the 15" mids run? I would typically cross over subs @ 80-100hz, your 15's should be able to cover from there up. 600hz sounds a bit too low for the horn too, especially since you're driving the horns w/an RMX850. Power wise you could get away with a lot more on the subs. If the amp runs @ 4 or 2ohms then run the subs mono @ 4 ohms. Same holds true for the mids...more headroom is better. Sounds like you're doing smaller gigs so sacrificing the stereo image for maximum amp power might be a worthwhile tradeoff.
Also if your board has "low cut" buttons (80hz or so) put them "on" on everything but the kick, floor, bass guitar and keys. this way less program material gets to the subs. It will clean up the sound somewhat too. Invest in a compressor limiter for protection of the overall system as well....Behringer makes some really inexpensive but effective stuff...Good Luck

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