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Re: Turbosound

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Posted by Dave Walsh on February 18, 2002 at 18:22:29:

In Reply to: Re: Turbosound posted by Dave Rat on January 30, 2002 at 22:28:04:

: : Hi Dave,
: : Have you used any Turbo TMS-4's and TSE-111's,and if you have whats your take on these cabs?
: :
: : Thanks, Mark

: Hey Mark,

: Wow, we don't do much with Turbo stuff. We owned som TMS4's many years ago and they were Ok but really did not excel in any application we could come up with. I don't know anything about the TMS 111's

: Sorry I could not be of more help but if anyone out there has some info for Mark, that would be great.

: Dave Rat

hiya folk,
We are running a 12 box aside TMS4 system with TSW124 subs. For us we find them excellent. Good sounding directional and a 2 man lift (VERY important in irish gigs...who invented stairs anyway??) They are a very musical sounding box but thats my opinion, I like 10"/12" for vocals anyway.
The TSE111 and TSW118 are the bass and mid-hi sections of a TMS4. ie cut a TMS4 in half where the TSW118 is the 18" bass driver and the TSE111 is the 10" and 1" midhigh. We use these as small bin pole mid-high systems for folk or trad, extremely versatile.
For that really silly gig where they expect you to cover all angles in the venue I find them hard to beat.
Now drawbacks;
they do need to be splayed to minimise combing, the 10" is a discontinued Fane or Precision Devices custom driver depending on the age of the box. The 10" has to have a flat dustcone so it doesnt whack off the phase plug.
There are 3 different 1" drivers used in the TMS4 as far as I can remember varying from Beyma to EV...ssshhh there all technically know as Turbosound drivers.
there was also variations in the passive mid-hi Xover in the series, but have been known to be run fully active with great results.
A single TMS4 is only about 600W rms but has a good throw.
Finnaly ...If ye throw a bund of them together, take off the foam grills and voila ...ye have a stack of jet engine intakes (mid phase plugs) which is ALWAYS guarenteed to get a quizzed look from the punters.
If ye wanna know more indepth tech stuff gis a shout...i'll do me best to answer yer questions

Now Dave, if ye have read as far as this, have you any experience with TMS3???

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