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Re: Stage Delay

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Posted by Terry Fryar on May 02, 2004 at 01:13:47:

In Reply to: Re: Stage Delay posted by Dave Rat on April 30, 2004 at 15:48:16:

Thanks Dave!!!!

: Time aligning the PA to stage does seem to have a positive effect when the stage sound has a considerable effect on the overall room sound and a significant portion of the listening area hears the combined sound of the PA and stage sound.

: I found that using the backline as the alignment point seemed to have a noticable improvement in some venues.

: Primarily, you are aligning to the instrument that is the most audible from stage when listening from the audience area. Plus you give extra consideration to low frequencies over the higher ones.

: Additionally, you should take polarity into account. With stage monitors, the delay time is too varied and seems to have little effect but polarity can have a noticable effect, mainly from the stage position.

: My expereince has been that the monitors and mains should be 'in phase'. Often a problem appears when diferent amps are used for mains vs. mons. Like pin 3 hot Crest mains and pin 2 hot QSC on mons.

: Dave Rat

: PS. I like that attitude of finding solutions in sound rather than pointing fingers at the band for being 'too loud'. Very few people join a punk or rock band to play quiet and the last thing they need is someone that is supposed to be on their side playing mom and telling them to turn it down.

: : Dave, we run a small McCauley rig (12 boxes soon to be 16) using the SA boxes and more often than not end up fighting with either monitor spill or guitar stacks in a shorter room (we do a lot of clubs and small places). We do mostly punk and hardcore, so we don't tell the band to "keep it down" onstage..we figure, hey...the more the merrier (I know, I know..but when I played I always hated to turn the guitar down)! We run a BSS miniD in our drive rack and I have played around with delaying the mains so the stage and mains are time aligned and it seems to make quite a difference. I already time align our drivers/cabs using Smaart, so delaying the mains is not a problem.

: : I usually run some pink from a monitor onstage turned around to face FOH to figure it....only problem is, I never seem to know where on stage to pick to figure my delay. Backline area? Back wall? Drums? So many choices....I have been using whatever seems highest SPL....which is usually guitar amp row.

: : Ideas, comments?

: : PS: Dave...this is SO cool! Thank you SO much for spending the time on here....I would kill for a job with Rat!!

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