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Re: Signal path...inserts...etc.

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Posted by Dave Rat on October 08, 2003 at 18:50:26:

In Reply to: Signal path...inserts...etc. posted by Mike McLaughlin on October 08, 2003 at 17:24:41:

: Dave,

: Just need some confirmation if what I'm doing is proper. My console isn't the greatest but for the cover band club gigs I'm doing it's adequate. 3 band eq w/ sweepable mid. LF centers @80 hz. To put some more "Rump" (40-50hz) into the kick I'm putting a parametric eq in the insert path, followed by a gate.
: Is that order cool, or should I gate then eq in the insert path? Same holds true for the bass DI except it's parametric followed by compression.

: Thanks for any advice....

There is no 'correct' answer but there are things to consider.

By putting the gate after the EQ, you are causing the gates' triggering to be more sensitive to any boosted frequencies and less sensitive to and cut frequencies.

Typically, if you want the gate to react quickly, typically you would want the HF of the kick to trigger it.

So, I personally would tend to gate before EQ. Also, by gating first you are free to alter the EQ without altering the gate trigger threshold.

For the bass it is less critical. Unless you have massive EQ, it should not be that different.

Using the comp after the EQ though, you will be compressing the actual 'tone' that the bass is eq'ed to which may be a good argument for preferable.

Hope that helps.


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