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Re: club speaker design for band, 1" vs 2", etc.

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Posted by Kevin Reimer on December 18, 2003 at 10:04:01:

In Reply to: club speaker design for band, 1" vs 2", etc. posted by Gregg on December 12, 2003 at 14:07:19:

Gregg, you have a similar setup to what I've been running for some time now. I mix primarily rock bands, but there is a lot of variety in those bands. I found that the murky sounds come from a blend of stage volume and the FOH sound. When I setup the 15/1 it sounds pretty good. When I add in the 18" subs it gets a little messy. The rooms I work in are mostly wood type walls with concrete floors. I get a lot of warm mids and lows out of the system. It gets murky real fast. I try to have the bass player keep his stage volume down a little so the PA handles most of the bass sound. Also I EQ the bass drum and bass guitar to bring out the higher(tighter) frequencies of the instruments. That has cut down a lot of the mud in the low to mid for me. If the bass player wants more volume I give him a little back in the monitors. Otherwise the room still rattles everyone to pieces and sounds clear. I'm sure RAT has some better advice for you but in a simplistic manner that usually does it for me. If you comb through the past postings theres some good info on crossover settings and things of that nature. I've also used a system similar to the RAT5 and it sounded amazing. If I were to build one, I would just use their theories and build something similar to the RAT5 system. I don't think you can go wrong. Check out their evolution pages and Good luck.

: Hello, just found this site...I am working on a new speaker system design for my band's pa system. Our current rig consists of 18/15/1" per side x-over 125 and 1.5 k. band is country, and i like really clean mixes with intellegibility all the way around. current system sounds kinda murky despite by best efforts. it also tends to sound the best when i stack everything together in one location and mono it. i would like to keep the 18's, but would like some imput on the rest of it. the average size club we play at is 3000- 5000 square ft. the design i'm leaning towards is two cabinets per side , each with 2-12's and a horn, and coming from consumer electronics i have a strong desire to configure the cabinets in a D'appolito configuration. would appreciate your input. thanks.

: gregg

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