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Re: Marketing

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Posted by Dave Rat on January 07, 2004 at 01:05:17:

In Reply to: Marketing posted by NRG100 on January 07, 2004 at 00:17:56:

: My sound company is small potatoes when compared to what you do, but I plan to stay here in my area, supplying sound to whomever needs it, and doing installation and repair. I've been direct advertising, but that takes time and money, could you share with me (even if it's by e-mail) how I could obtain more of a client base?

That is a tough one. My belief that tend not to trust their sound to you unless you come recommended or they know you seems to hold true in my experience.

So the quandary remains the age old catch 22 of can't get work till you have work. Direct marketing has never worked for us but the slow tedious process of building trust through honesty and treating people/clients with respect has done us well.

Focusing on not losing a clients and learning how to turn mistakes and screw ups into opportunities to excel and really shine will get you those recommendations.

Admitting mistakes, taking criticism and turning those things around to show clients that you truly care by rectifying the issues will pay back tenfold.

Also maybe try forming alliances with more established companies and offering a support position in expertise and equipment. Do no take their gigs but use the knowledge and you should soon find the larger company will gladly hand you their lower level gigs. These often grow to become large and successful while you grow with them.

OK, how is that for advice, does that help?

Dave Rat

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