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Re: Midas Venice 320's

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Posted by Dave Rat on January 07, 2004 at 14:12:00:

In Reply to: Midas Venice 320's posted by Mike Caldwell on January 07, 2004 at 12:13:57:

: Hello
: I am looking to add another board to my system in the
: next couple of months.
: Currently I have an Allen Heath GL2200 24ch.
: I'm looking at another Allen Heath 2200 32ch. as
: well as kinda waiting to see what the new Crest HP series is really like and the Midas Venice 320.
: Any thoughts on the above and does the Venice board
: really sound that much better or are people listening
: with their eyes and just reading the Midas name.
: Not only am I looking at sound quality but mechanical
: build quality, circuit board lay out internal modular like the GL's or single monolith surface mount components, frame etc.

: When needed my current GL2200 will be used as a monitor board when needed or smaller shows.

: Thanks
: Mike Caldwell

Hello Mike,

Well, I do not personally have much experience wit he consoles mentioned so from a technical stand point I am not much help.

Conversely, I do have considerable experience from a business stand point. There are two basic approaches that purchasers seem to gravitate toward.

1) Buy the absolute "best" gear for the job

2) Buy the most cost effective gear for the job

In #1 you would spend extra for sound quality, features and the actual brand name is not important, you seeking the best.

In #2 you would look for the highest return on investment, something that rents out regardless of sound quality.

Here lies the quandary of whether to compromise sound quality to achieve higher rentability or visa versa. The key is to find balance between the two. Buy profitable gear without compromising your sound integrity!

My opinion on this while referring to your specific question is:

The Midas name has value to the client and in my experience, more so than Crest or Allen Heath. Using myself as an example, if I was to be in a position of spec'ing a system with you, I would tend towards the Midas because I use larger Midas consoles often and feel comfortable with them.

On the other hand, I would not recommend making significant sacrifices in sound quality to buy the name.

So my recommendation would be:

Go for the Midas, even if the cost is higher because the rental return should more than compensate for the extra initial cost over time except if:

1) there are reliability issues that noticeably exceed the other consoles

2) the sound quality is clearly lower, enough to be noticed without test gear

3) The cost differential is so great that it would force you to make other purchasing compromises that would effect your rental return

Hope that helps!!

Dave Rat

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