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Posted by Chris Jensen on February 04, 2004 at 20:40:43:

Now I know we live in a get what you pay for world but what about high freq. horns. There are ones out there for 20 bucks or ones that cost a few hundred. I have been looking for info on high freq horns in general and can't find anything to really answer my questions. I have been screwing around with building some of my own speakers. It is becoming a hobby, there is no intent to dethrone a company that specializes in the market with some homemade boxes. As I have done some reading on line arrays and other forms of large P.A.s I have seen that some of the technologies are a little bit more straightforward then I thought. The one thing I am not understanding though is the mid/high sections. They seem to be 2 mid speakers palced 90 degrees to eachother with a horn in the center. Is that a real simple way to look at it? A too simple way? Is all that a high freq horn does is just aim the waves? Again you can buy a JBL oem horn that does 90x40 for a few hundred or a noname one for of the same degree for $20. Is a high freq horn just a dispersion pattern or is it more then that. I am looking to maybe try to build or shape one, is that even possible.

By the way the rat system is just awesome, I have heard it 3 different systems and they all were so good. The El Rey, the Glass House, and just a few weeks ago I saw a show at the Palladium.

Thanks so much

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