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Re: Subs & HF on Aux

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Posted by Kevin Reimer on March 05, 2004 at 15:03:29:

In Reply to: Re: Subs & HF on Aux posted by Dave Rat on March 03, 2004 at 11:52:48:

: : That's perfect. Thanks for the info Dave. I had a feeling that's how you guys pulled that off. You really rely on the 15/10/2 and feather in the rest to taste depending on the venue I take it. Like I've said before, it's amazing that a pro like yourself would actually take the time to openly discuss your systems with others out there. Congrats on your award nominations at Parnelli. Too bad you didn't win. I would say RAT came out a winner having so many nominations amongst you and your crew.

: : One last question on this setup if I may. Do you split a signal for say the kick drum or lead vocal into multiple channels on the board, or do you use 1 input and let the frequencies to the Auxes get cutoff at their crossover points?

: Cool, thank you for the positive words, when we were getting started at Rat, it seemed there was nowhere to turn to find out answers. There were some cool engineers and techs that would offer advice from larger companies but for the most part it was hard to come by.

: Now, though Rat is a tiny company compared to the "big boys", it is really cool that we can use our position to assist others.

: I personally do not split channels. If I need more control over a cretain stage source, I run a second mic. I feel this is advantageous in that it not only offers a 'second opinion' of the instrument but it also acts as a 'safety' in case one mic/line was to fail.

: Dave Rat

Thanks again Dave. I have 2 bass drum mics in case we get two actual bass drums, but most times I use it for a second bass guitar input. That way I have a direct and a cabinet sound. I will probably run the direct to the subs so it's a little cleaner sound without stage bleed. I'm assuming you try to send the cleanest signal to the subs or "auxes" for that matter to get the most efficiency out of the system. Especially the subs. Are you mixing any tours in the near future? And if so, which ones? Just wondering if you knew when you might be coming through Chicago I'd try to look you up if you had the time.

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