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Day 129 - Ottawa Show Day

Today I set up office in the luxurious 'crew' room. The crew room is the prestigious name given to the allocated space that our friends in Production reward to the other fifty or so roadies in the herd to utilize amenities like a land line phone and internet access. Here you can often find roadies relaxing, chatting, catching up on business and connecting with far away loved ones. It is the coveted escape spot where for roadies to find peace and happiness. The crew room is also the definition of the appreciation and respect for the roadies that make the show happen. Come join me for a peek inside:

Here you can see that this crew room is set up for multiple 'one's' of roadies. This multi faceted shangri-la provides for up to 4 roadies to sit simultaneously while also providing standing zones for four more. No roadie finds boredom here in this virtual playground. While two roadies sit, one can talk intimately with their far away lover as the other uses the internet just inches away. Add in the added bonus that the two other seated roadies can simultaneously be creating 'butt babies' and filling the room with the essences of intestinally processed catering meals from days gone by. That is not all! The standing roadies are pleasantly obliged to fill the already full air with the calming sound of tiny waterfalls.

This is the part of tour that makes it all worth while! Not only did I get a very small amount of work done, I also got plenty of exercise while doing wind sprints for "fresh air" breaks.

Later and much less enjoyable, of course, is harassing Scott the Lampi.

Several of these recent Canadian hockey arenas are very tall and square-ish. Though the shows have been solid and fun, they are a bit less than optimum acoustically. Oh, ice. Guess what! Hockey arenas have ice under the floor during hockey season. In Canada I think it is always hockey season. Makes your feet ache after walking on it all day. Strange situation thermally but not uncommon. Next time you go to a rock show, take a peek and you may be surprised to see that the floor is plastic or wood cover plates over ice.

The looking forward to going home,

Dave Rat



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Monique on :

"In Canada I think it is always hockey season." Wait, are you implying that there's a season that's not hockey season? I don't understand this.... :D -Monique from Canada

Dave Rat on :

No, no. Hockey season is the only season except for the short blip on new year's eve when one hockey season ends and the next one begins.

Monique on :

Oooohhh. Phew--for a moment there I thought "this man talks crazy talk". ;) -M

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