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Day 7 - Barcelona Show 1- Trauma

Arriving at venue I was told that our long time drum tech Chris Warren is in the hospital. Pants hooked on a nail inverting and dropping him face first onto a concrete floor while scooting off the stage. Severe injuries, talk of him going home. He is one of the most friendly, lovable and wonderful people I have ever had the honor to meet, let alone be friends with for many years. I am not supposed to cry but my eyes water as I press back the mental image and wish I could erase the event. Chris is part of the family.

Chris at SNL:

The show ran smoothly, it is huge and impressive. And all goes well for me except for the lighting pods that drop in front of the PA system and screw with the sound. Fortunately, I could use the dual PA system to get the sound around them but they sure make things a lot tougher on me when they drop in.

The round things are the aforementioned evil "Pods." And as cool as they look, dropping in like alien ships, they are not my friends.

Normally Pods would have won "Issue of the Day" but with Chris being hurt, it seems silly. Also there will be no highlights today either. Just all the warm wishes and compassion I can send his way and an overwhelming desire for Chris' recovery.

Dave Rat


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