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Day 158 - October 28 - New Orleans VooDoo Fest

**** Ebay Ad Update ****

Wow, a whopping $406.00, who would have knew and we can not wait to go shopping! First we would like to thank all those that thought we were crazy and admit you are correct. Next we would like to thank all those that bid and and though I can not imagine having another auction till the season changes, there are plenty of roadies out there with untapped back sides. Now for the big questions, "Who is this mysterious winner of the illustrious ad space?" and "What will the ad be?" Well, fact is, so far, we don't know! But equally as important with our endeavor a clear success and the pressures of spending wisely now firmly upon our shoulders, Scott and I have adopted no solid plan and will have to depend on the proven and reliable method of 'winging it' when the time comes. Certainly we will do our absolute best best to reach our main goal of having fun. Oh, and don't forget, $ 101.50 to Surf Rider Foundation!

And looks like we went international as well as made it to radio stations in Portland, Northern California and several web sites including this one all the way away in Israel:

**** End Ebay Ad Update ****

Big news! Look what I found, this is huge:

Oh yes, that is right Guitar Hero 2, now that is some exciting stuff. And speaking of exciting, how awesome is it to see the Peppers on stage with The Meters? And honor for us as viewers and an honor for the Peppers as well to share the stage with such and influential and legendary band.

If you don't know of them and you like the Peppers, I recommend gathering some roots and checking out The Meters and The Neville Brothers music. Ok, End Dave Rat Tip of the Day. And guess what I did after the show? I went back the hotel, washed up and went straight to bed like a good roadie would. For the most part with the exception the part where I was running around Bourbon street drinking margaritas and checking up the Fire Department. Yep, good job guys! Fire here, fire there, good thing they seem to have a good grasp on things. Ok, everyone, Firemen are here, it's safe to party.

**** Begin Meet a Roadie Campaign Episode 6****

Today we get to meet our fearless leaders, the Wizards behind the Oz that we call the not so yellow and rarely bricked 'road.'

Starting off the inner look at the machine of organization we have Dirty Walt. This is not his first Peppers tour and if you have been around a while and have good eye for a face and talent, you may recognize him as the famed trumpeter from none other than the amazing band Fishbone on a few of the Californication tour legs. Currently in the capacity of production assistant, having Dirty Walt out with us is a honor and a blast.

Heading up the role of top tough guy we have a very cool roadie named Dave. Being the lead Dave on the tour means he gets to keep the solo "Dave" moniker relegating the other tour Dave's to answering to the dual names Dave Lee and Dave Rat. Strange how some humans get two names and others just get one. This is the roadie/band protector that not only keeps us all safe, he also looks out for the fans. Security meetings informing the local security on how to treat fans with respect but not loosing control happen at every gig. Shown here putting on his tough guy face, if you run into trouble, he the man to radio in for help.

The next victim in line for the roast is none other than roadie Liam. A fierce and treacherous roadie, this tasmanian devil in disguise takes no prisoners. Here he can be seen laying down the law and don't even try and approach him with a bill larger than $ 20, I graciously offer the guy that checks us into hotels and buys our receipts:

Working our way down the list and but not down in quality, the following two roadies are both master craftsman. Though roadie Tim has graduated to the somewhat miserable gig of Stage manager from carpenter and Big Daddy is our current tour carp, I hold both of these roadies in the highest regard. First meeting Big Daddy before he was big in 1990 when I was a monitor engineer and he was a guitar tech, I must admit that having him on tour great. As tour carp, he creates, he resolves and he will fix just about anything imaginable. A warm hello to mechanical solution master whose real name is Phil but we all call him Daddy:

And meet Tim the one who personally took the time to teach me to arc weld on the bottom of aluminum truck ramps, please meet roadie Tim our Stage Manager. You have seen his load out sheets which have now been deemed the 'crew setlists.' Tim is the solution master of crew. Awarded the fun job of inspiring the wayward mass of touring and local crews into getting 12 trucks loaded in less than two hours, meet Tim "The Thumb" Shanahan:

Saving the dynamic duo for last Bill "The Crusher" Rahmy, the superman of rock production and his wonder girl New York Natalie, team up as the operation central of precariously guiding the giant jalopy we call a road show through world travel. These are the ones who can put the hammer down and pound out the dents, our fearless King and Wonderbread Queen can be seen in full adventure action:

**** End Meet a Roadie Campaign Episode 6****

The running out of days in R.A.W.,

Dave Rat


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Monique on :

"I recommend gathering some 'ROOTS' and checking out The Meters" nice tip of the hat to the Beasties in there too (ie: "Root Down") Now whether or not that was intentional....

Adam Lewandowski on :

The hoodie that Dirty Walt has on do you know where i could get that because i have looked all over for it and could not find it. If there is some way you could get it for me and I could send the money to you. It would mean a lot to me. Adam

Adam Lewandowski on :

the e mail is i typed it in wrong. sry

Dave Rat on :

Love the Beasties and they are friends of the Rats! The hoodie Dirty Walt has is something I think a European promoter gave us. Doubt there are any up for grabs.

HowdThatTaste on :

so i read in rolling stone the chili's busted out apache rose peacock for the 'Norlens' people. true? if so, who the heck played the kahzoo in the chorus! and!, how do you mic a kahzoo?

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