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Day 161 - Cleveland - Halloween! Special!

Finding a suitable Halloween costume worthy of being worn at a rock show while out on tour presents some interesting challenges. Things like rubber masks are not only uncomfortable but the fact that they often inhibit hearing or reduce the ability to see clearly make them less than optimum. Furthermore, mobility, safety and other factors are key need to take into consideration. Finally, the effort required to assemble an interesting, unique and acceptable costume can be quite prohibitive while traveling on a rock and roll tour. Fortunately, during a pow wow discussing the optimum costume, Scott came up with an excellent and quite feasible idea of becoming The FOH Swim Team. So while Leif and Nick the Fly were setting up the gear and unaware of the plan, Scott and I went shopping.

After the four of us cautiously got dressed in the back lounge we headed out of the bus walking only in a single file line and adding in an occasional light jog. First stop, the dressing room and with a referee whistle blow we started our loosely choreographed callisthenics routine for the band and then off to do a few photo shoots:

Next order of business was a lap around the venue backstage and a lap through the audience area before settling in at FOH to do our job of presenting the sights and sounds of the rock show. Judging by the reaction we received it became quite clear that swimmers are very popular in Cleveland. Who would have guessed?

Setting the equipment up properly is crucial:

As it turns out we all agreed that we were quite fortunate that no one else came up with same idea. How embarrassed would we have been if there was a Mars Volta swim team? But as you can see, we lucked out.

We were not the only ones dressing up. Have you ever heard anyone say Chad looks like Will Ferrel? Well, I just don't see the resemblance but whatever.

And I don't have pic but Chris Warren dressed up as Chad.

Oh, I got a shot of Flea the flying witch, zooming around while playing Bass.

And in order for Flea to Fly. The system had to be rigged. Here you can see test subject Casey preparing to be the guinea pig. Casey, by the way is a way cool Lampi that is on the Mars Volta payroll. As I was doing research into the R.A.W. though, there was a unanimous request to include Casey in the Peppers crew. Turns out that Casey has been so helpful during load in's and load out's that he actually is depended on as an active member of the Peppers crew. Please welcome Casey, the flying test witch:

If all that was not enough excitement for one day, check this out. Higher Ground has migrated back into the set list and it was amazing! I have always liked the song but forgot how much energy it created when they play it.

And to bring the evening to a close, after a long day comes the hard work of load out. For today's sign off I will leave you with one last glance at Nick the Fly going above and beyond the call of duty, much to the local crew's dismay.

The hoping I have not traumatized anyone with the pics,

Dave Rat



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Monique on :

Umm--oh my....*HI-OHH!!* Cedric's face is priceless--haha! "Will. Not. Move. Nor. Look. At. Penii." Well, I always said that if the music thing doesn't work out for Chad, at least he has his film career to fall back on. He was really great in Anchorman. So can we assume that the show went along "swimmingly"? (wacka-wacka-wacka)

Roo on :

Oh my god, my eyes! my eyes! I feel like I've been assaulted...

Daniel Higgott on :

Oh My! My eyes are offended! Fucking hillarious! That made my day! I haven't quite managed to read through all your past entries yet, but I don't believe you have addressed the Analogue/Digital mixing debate yet. You mentioned earlier on (in May I think) that you tried mixing digitally but went back to analogue. When did you try that out and what were your reasons for switching in the first place/switching back? Also, As far as I can see, you use 'underheads' on Chads kit. Is this for aesthetic reasons? I would imagine you would get a fairly innacurate stereo image from using underheads... though i admit I have never tried it myself. All the best, A fully clothed, Danny

Jon Bannan on :

I think some of you guys need to get some sun!! Man them some pale legs. Maybe on your next day off or travel day you can pick some of that tan in a bottle crap. Just watch out though, it is known to turn people orange! Although that could be some great pictures too. Green hats and orange bodies.... Perfect for the fall season! Thanks Dave for a great laugh!!

Dave Rat on :

Hello Monique, thank you for the comments, it makes me really happy that the blog amuses and informs! Plenty more to come as losing our minds on the road unravels! Danny, I did the analog vs digi inspired by your comment! The underheads work great and do a better job at isolating the cymbals as well as keeps with the "sound heard mot seen" angle and keeping focus on the band without silly mic stands in the way. Sorry about the eyes, but sacrifices needed to be made for the sake of fun. Jon, Hey, those other three are all from Portland, they have an extra lack o tan allowance, I have no excuse. :) Dave Rat

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