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Day 166 - Nov 3 & 4 - Day Off and Detroit Auburn Hills

I like to think of it as charitable gifting into the unknown, accidental altruism, the natural osmosis of items from a higher density (in my possession) to a lower density (worldly elsewhere's). Everyone else calls it 'losing things.' Like any skill, some people are naturally gifted in such a way to be better at it than others. I can proudly say that I happen to be quite talented in this particular art form and I am a master 'misplace-ist.' Losing passports, video cameras, back packs and my car every time I park it anywhere but my driveway are all merely mundane accomplishments that don't even phase me. 

This time it is something new, I am excited to say and perhaps a few of you were wondering as I know a certain Jane Doe was, "What happened to Detroit?" Aha, I have lost an entire city not to mention the day off preceding. Where did it go? Was it stolen? Maybe in one of my bags? Nope, I have looked everywhere and can honestly say it is gone. Just like losing a laptop but still having the power supply all I have left are a few snapshots to offer. So here goes:

The hotel bar doubles as a roadie magnet like a watering hole in the sahara:

And since we are nearing the end of the second quarter this impromptu shot can also double as the midterm test. There are 6 touring roadies shown plus another identifiable human.

Name 3 = C

Name 4 = B

Name 5 =A-

Name 6=A+

Name 7=A+ and you get a free Rat Sticker if you come find me at a gig!

Remember to use a #2 pencil and this test will be timed and yes, calculators are allowed.

The 'if we can't laugh at ourselves it just leaves us grumpy,'

Dave Rat


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Daniel Higgott on :

Ah I suck at tests! After a full 8 days of RAW the only name I can get is Scott the Lampi! And that was with access to all my notes, a calculator and a protractor... I really need to do some more revision. Danny

Monique on :

I hate tests! Why am I even doing this? I should have ignored this post, or pretended like I never saw it. I'm totally gonna fail! 1-I can't figure this guy out. 2-maybe Kim? Maybe? Perhaps? I really don't know, that was a guess. 3-I know I'm wrong here but I'm gonna take a stab and say Daniel (?), I don't know... 4-Jamie 5-Scott 6-Casey 7-Eric (?) 8-Cliff 9-I don't recognize the arm 9-bonus: technically you, since you're taking the picture :P Dang it!

Monique on :

Look! See! I got so nervous I put "9" twice.

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