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Day 189 - Day Off - Milan

My two favorite food countries on earth, so far, are Italy and Mexico. No disrespect to the other countries intended and many fine foods abound the planet but darnit, the food here is so good! One of the key aspects of attaining world class food quality is having to have the ultimate selection of the finest of fine. For those of you out there who have an affinity for the hard salami, check out this sausage party!

And may as well pick up a little cheese as well,

Oh boy look! What kind of kid doesn't dream of getting a christmas basket with a hoof sticking out?,

And while we are on the subject of kids and cute little things, check out this adorable little snack,

Why mess around with Playboy Bunnies when you can take home a real bunny? Check out those cute little that bunny booty's! Yummy?

So, like I was saying, the food here is truly awesome, though depending on your eating habits, you may have to be a bit careful not to bite into a culinary landmine, as there are some adventurous eaters here. Most importantly after and before and during those delicious meals, do not forget to indulge in an endless string of the little micro coffee's

that I am pretty sure they invented them here. I love that this entire country seems to radiate an appreciation for all things pleasurable. Fast cars, fine food, fashion and runway models to name a few. Possibly one could say it is to an excess, maybe to a point where finding hardworking focused local roadie crews is a bit of a challenge between their mid day wine, coffee and cigarette breaks, maybe there is close to anarchy on nearly every road as driving in lanes and staying off sidewalks are just recommendations.

but finding a great coffee and an awesome meal is never more than a block away. Whether the shop is actually open is another story. Plus, right now it is truffle season and from here come the best of the best, the Italian White Truffle. Though they are stinky little buggers they are also intoxicatingly desirable to those that enjoy them. I have acquired the taste for them and taste them I did on pasta at an amazing restaurant called Torre del Mangia (Stop # 37 on the Dave Rat tour of Europe).

Guess what we are going to do tomorrow. We are going to do a rock show!!! Hurray!

The very full and over-coffee'd,

Dave Rat


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Sama on :

Great cuisine.

marco (yespa) on :

great shows in milan! i saw the pirates and talked a little with the captain with my beautiful rat-fan t-shirt. the peppers played nobodyweirdlikeme on wednesday and funkymonks on thursday... simply fabulous.

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