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Day 214 - Dec 23 - Big Bear Lake, CA

As we approach the new year it is common to reminisce about the journey that got us to the point we are now. So what better time to take a look back in time at what the heck I was doing twenty years ago. Partially out of neglect and partially out of posterity or maybe it is just my rat nesting nature, I have kept many old and ratty things. In the early days of Rat, we would navigate each year by scribbling notes on a calendar. When a phone call came in we would usaully write whatever bands we were supposed to play and the hopefully also the phone # of the person hiring us on to the show day. Here are some excerpts from what we perplexingly called the

"The Far Side Calendar 1986-1987"

**** Begin Rewind Minus Twenty Years ****

October 31 - Red Hot Chili Peppers - UCLA, Ackerman Ballroom (On this show we were low on our normal crew so we hired Henry Rollins and Joe Cole as the PA Crew)

November 1 - 1800 Berkeley Street, Santa Monica (Not sure what we doing there)

November 6 - Justice for Mary - Glendale College

November 8 - Henry Rollins - Lhasa Club

November 8 - Punk Show at Fenders Ballroom in Long Beach

November 9 - Lovedoll Superstar Movie filming at Pitcher College, Avery Hall

November 11 - Henry Rollins at Venice Jail

November 13 - Jane's Addiction - 1743 N Cahuenga

November 14 - Molly Hatchet - Fenders ?

November 15 - Show at National Guard Armory, San Bernadino

November 20 - Blackfoot - Fenders Ballroom

November 22 - Bad Brains and Corrosion of Conformity- Fenders Ballroom

November 22 - Razebrae, Pure Juice and Self 86 - Meters, 4605 Slauson, LA

November 26 - Gone, Zoogs Rift and Saccharin Trust at The Cave?

November 28 - Mood Rally - Fenders Ballroom

November 29 - Ron Miller Hi-Fi -Battle of the Reggae DJ's

December 3 - Hurricane - Boneventure Hotel, LA

December 5 - Megadeth

December 7 - Soul Search - Hollywood Palace (this was an American Idol type gig)

December 19 - Exodus- Fenders Ballroom

December 20 - Alcatraz, Ruff Cutt - Fenders Ballroom

December 21 - Pat Travers - Fenders Ballroom

December 27 - Untouchables - Party

January 3 - Johnny Thunders, LA Guns

January 5 - Johnny Thunders - Scream Club, Hollywood

January 9 - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Fenders

January 9 - Show at Scream Club, Hollywood

January 10- Show at Scream Club, Hollywood

January 16- Show at Scream Club, Hollywood

January 17- Show at Scream Club, Hollywood
January 16- Show at Fenders Ballroom, Long Beach

January 23- Show at Scream Club, Hollywood

January 24- Show at Scream Club, Hollywood
January 24- Dramarama, Jane's Addiction - Fenders Ballroom

January 30- Show at Scream Club, Hollywood
January 30- Show at Variety Arts Center, LA

January 31- Show at Scream Club, Hollywood

February 14 - Classical Performance - Variety Arts Center, LA

**** End Rewind Minus Twenty ****

Hey, if you know more info on any of the gigs or attended them, please post a comment and clarify. It would be kind of cool to add a bit more clarity to the hazy past!!

The somewhat nostalgic today,

Dave Rat


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david mccrea on :

i used to come over there during sound checks in the 80's you guys would let me in and thats how id get into the shows i was about 12 at the time

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