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Day 225 - Jan 3 - Home

Ok, I know I have been blog slacking, Oh the pleasures of being home! But I promise you'll are not forgotten so

Here I come with some filler to hopefully keep you satisfied.

First, if you are reading the blog on MySpace and you want to navigate around a bit, try going to it on the Rat Sound Site where there is categories and it is way easier to get a round and also there is a navigator page

If you are reading on MySpace or the Rat Site and you have a myspace account and want to be auto notified of new posts, try this link - myspace auto-notify.

And all that web flurry mumbo jumbo aside, I have been getting many emails curious as to when I will resume and all good! It makes me really truly happy that I have so many friends that enjoy the adventures and I promise to have many a surprise still to come! On a side note, this may be worth a gander as I did a bit professional reviewing Dave Rat style a while back at a few trade shows (read " Dave Rat is giving us some filler because he is stalling")

NAMM Awards

NSCA Awards

The quite honored,

Dave Rat


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marco (yespa) on :

new layout and new colors... perfect start for the new year. happy 2007 to dave and to all rat-readers.

Dave Rat on :

Very cool! Onward and about the world making noise!

Brian Smith on :

Hey Dave happy new year! I must say that reading your blog has become one of my favorite waysto pass time. I amin fact now on the road myself in the backof a van,I wish it was a bus! anyways you have inspiredme to write my own road blog if you get a chance check it out: -Brian

HowdThatTaste on :

its looks nice, but now its more difficult to view at work. the plain-text black&white version was much easier to pass as work. anyway, keep on bloggin'

Mow-Neek on :

ouuuuu! Look at the shiny new blog space in blue! prettyyyyyy!

Daniel Higgott on :

Hey Dave! How do you find Blogging anyway? I have one myself. I started on a whim 2 years ago, not thinking I would carry it through, but I find it quite theraputic to write my thoughts down somewhere. Do you think you will carry it on post tour? All the best, Danny

Dave Rat on :

I find writing enjoyable and having it public definitley inspires me to stick with it. Ultimately my main goal was to try and capture life on the road so I would remember what it is like. Since I do not tour with any other bands besides the Peppers at this point and their tours are becoming less grueling, it feels likke now or never to grab the snapshot for me of the way tour bends minds. I am definitley having a great great time doing it and it does create reasond to come up with new antics. You should post the link to your blog. DR

HowdThatTaste on :

Dave, I've heard some live boots and in the song "Snow" I hear the volume swells or an organ during the verses (which seems to be very much like the album ver), who/what is producing that sound? hope you didn't already answer this. thanks!

Dave Rat on :

Chris Warren plays a keyboard with that album part behind the guitar rig.

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