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Roadies in the Midst

Roadies in the Midst: The Story of Touring with the Red Hot Chili Peppers (2006)

Directed by

Dave Rat

Genre: Drama

Tagline: In lands of beauty, wonder and danger, roadies follow a dream, fall in love and risk their lives to perpetuate the rock show.

Plot Outline: The story of how Dave Rat, a sound engineer, takes two year journey with the Red Hot Chili Peppers studying the roadies and later fights to protect them or just possibley just hang out with them.

User Comments: Not boring at all

User Rating: 8.9/10 (2 votes)

Cast overview, first billed only:
Anthony Kiedis.... Vocals
John Fruciante .... Guitar
Flea .... Bass
Chad Smith .... Drums
Gage .... Tour Manager
Bill ... Production Manager
Lyssa .... Backstage Coordinator
Dave Rat.... FOH Sound Eng
Nick the Fly and Tenacious Lee... FOH Assists
Daniel .... Monitor Engineer
Dave Lee.... Guit Tech
Tracy .... Bass Tech
Chris .... Drum Tech
Scott .... Lampi
Leif ... Lighting Assist
Grier ... Set Design
Andrew .... Pro Tools Eng
Lee ... Sound Crew Chief
Manny ... Sound Tech
Neal ... Sound Tech
Jamie ... Sound Tech

Also Known As:
Roadies in the Mist (USA) (short title)
The Adventures of Dave Rat (USA)
Runtime: about 2 years
Country: Earth
Language: English
Color: Color (Ratnicolor)
Sound Mix: Fairly Loud
Certification: Worldwide "PG" rated for the most part

Trivia: The roadies used in movies up to this time had obvious anatomical differences from real roadies; for instance, the real roadies were rarely seen, forcing many preconceived perceptions of roadie traits. For this series, wanderer Dave Rat wanted to use real roadies where possible, regardless of the obvious dangers involved.

Bill: Dave Rat, you are a knucklehead.
Dave Rat: Uh, oh!

Awards: None

User Comments:

"Not boring at all!" - Larry

"I thought it was gonna be boring but then it wasn't - Joe

"I thought it was boring, except for the parts that were not boring" - Dave Rat

"I think roadies are cute!" - Stacy

"I was captivated about the parts about Scott " - Scott the Lampi

"A definitive insight into the mysterious ways of the roadie!" - The English roadie

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Piper on :

Dave thanks for the show jan.25, me and my friend had a great time. Keep the Peppers sounding good. thanks again

Kelly on :

This page is not boring, I look forward to the next entry. I found this page just a few days ago and have been gripped since. I had to start from the beginning and work my way through the tour. I have now started on Grier's blog as well! Keep writing, please! BTW - I saw the Nashville show and loved every minute of it. The stage design was excellent and the sound was awesome! All of the friends I was with commented on how great it sounded and the presentation/design of the whole show!

Bradley Sconzert on :

Dave, you and the rest of the crew do an amazing job of helping the Peppers be and sound how they should! Your blog has been extremely interesting and informative. I've learned so much about roadie life, RHCP trivia, sound & acoustics, and about you personally. I like how you've been casually and creatively throwing in these 'mini-lessons' on acoustics (I'm a mechanical engineer and guitarist and also very interested in sound reinforcement and acoustics). I feel like you should write a book, even if I'm the only fan who would want to read it. Sorry to ask a favor but I would be elated for the rest of my life if somehow you could get Dave Lee to explain the setup on John's '62 stratocaster. I.E. string height, pickup height neck relief, action, etc. Anyway, take care and good luck with the rest of the tour (although luck has nothing to do with skill). Sincerely, Bradley Sconzert Devoted JF, RHCP, and now RHCP crew fan!

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