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Day 14 - June 6th, Lyon France - Reunited

Overnight drive to Lyon France. All of us in the core crew meet back up with the full production and rest of the crew today, Hurray! Home sweet far away home.

Looking backward from FOH

and looking forward

and looking at my front of house console from the perspective of a squirrel standing on the arm rest

**** Sound Nerd Speak ****

1:15am, The show went great! So damn nice to my rig back and the dual clusters. Vocals are clear and no longer have to worry about the other instrument cramping them out. We rotated what we call the "Sub Canons" 90 degrees. Still refining the low end, not that we lack it, just that I really want smooth coverage and deep lows off to the sides of the arenas. It seems that a surprisingly large number of tours just disregard adequate side wrap low end. I am out to solve that issue.

**** End Sound Nerd Speak ****

**** Issue of the Day - Finding Mix Position ****

There was no good way to get to mix area once the audience was in. Furthermore, lights were on a lower than normal riser and the darn thing was un-findable I got lost wedging aimlessly through sweaty humans three times. I always set up my sound control world on the floor whenever possible. I figure that there is no logical reason that I would need to hear sound that is totally above the audience. Seeing the band, well, it's overrated in my opinion and a bit distracting if you can see too well.

Overnight to Paris for a badly needed day off. Super tired so I played X-Box with Scott till 4:30am. Slept well. Ah, finally the level of exhaustion where sleep is deep and easy.

Dave Rat



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