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Day 243 - Jan 21 - Cincinnati after the show

So in our travels, Scott and I had wandered across the street to a local micro brewery for dinner and a beer. Much to our delight we had the pleasure of meeting and befriending the bartenders Bobbi and Josh. Well, one thing led to another soon we found ourselves to the experimental recipients of various concoctions and mysterious creations. Typically, Scott and I are not much at straying into the minefield of mixed drinks. After a bit of initial hesitation though we knew clearly that we would have no time holding our composure so we acquiesced. The first one was called bongwater and it resembled gray green juice

All I remember about #2 was that is was yellow

This brown stuff was sort of a choco banana flavor

Ahhh, red and everything from here on out was just some form of wonderful tasting

And who know what the heck happened from this point on

The odd thing was that typically one would think that all those drinks would have some sort of effect on us but clearly at least Scott was just business as usual

It has been a while so, back by popular demand and request and in order not to loose track of the foundation behind the adventures at hand, I have some cool band pictures for you of the rock band that brings us all together

With Marcel joining in on percussion

and a few other shots

And finally for no particular reason, another picture I took of the hotel pool.

Bye bye Cincinnati, off to Raleigh nigh night!

Dave Rat


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Ashley on :

You did not take that last picture! I don't believe it!

Thomas on :

hey, thanks for posting all of this, i enjoy reading it ill be at the show in Raleigh, and i have front row tickets which will be amazing yall dont have any setlists to give away at the end of shows at you sound booth do you? haha i go to nc state and i hope yall enjoy raleigh

Greg Cameron on :

I too was once the recipient of experimental mixed drinks at a local pub around the corner from where I live in W. Hollywood. It was an afternoon journey into uncharted territory. By the time evening rolled in, I regretted. All the sugar in those funky alcohol laden colory drinks combined with the pitcher of "Kick Ass" margaritas I had with lunch made for a miserable night. How did you and Scott fare afterward?

Janine on :

Thanks Dave again for brightening my day with some of the new wonderment of the Chili's ;) Janine x

Dave Rat on :

And thank you Janine! And Oh, Greg, we were chipper and up early for morning wind sprints, somewhere in the bleary depths of haze that pretended to be the day we faced. And setlists? If I have any left when ya get there, you are welcom to it!! Come on and say hello!

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