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Day 245 - Jan 23 - Charlotte

**** Ebay Update ****

For those of you curious about the eBay auction 'grand finale,' well it is coming. Scott and I are working on something special!

**** End Ebay Update ****

Show wise with the addition of Marcel into the band for the tour leg, we have picked up a few inputs. Stereo conga mics, a single mic on the bongos plus a direct box on the Clavinet that he plays. Since these are add-on inputs mid tour, they get put down at the other end of the console where I have some free input channels. With all these new inputs and the fact that I mix in the dark, there is an acclimation period for me to memorize where the controls are on the mixing board. In the mean time, I have found a good home for a little friend that will help me find the Clavinet and I will just remember where the rest are

As far as other important show details critical to the smooth runnings of the rock show, I have put together the Tiki version of the show thermometer that I use to measure room temperature at distance. Every show, I measure the average room temperature on the floor and each balcony level and then send the info to Bill in production who does his best to get the venue to fine tune and balance. It has been working really well!

**** Highlight of the Day ****

Wayno our traveling chef's home made chocolate ice cream

**** End Highlight of the Day ****

**** Issue of the Day ****

The hotel rooms tomorrow wont be ready till 1 pm. The busses stay parked at the venue till 5am before we roll. Where normally road noise, engine vibration and refreshing ventilation offer a calming backdrop to the gentle rolling motion of the bus down the highway, I am instead are encased in a claustrophobic, motionless silence that is broken only by three dimensional assortment of snoring roadies distributed throughout the bunk area. I move to the back lounge to protect my sanity and indulge in breathable air. I wake up in the back lounge at 7 am with light flooding in and head to my now sleepable bunk.

**** End Issue of the Day ****

The cranky and tired,

Dave Rat


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