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Day 247 - Jan 25 - Washington DC

Well, yesterday on the day off I went on a mini adventure

with Lampi Scott as we so often do.

Here we are in what is currently the most powerful nation in the worlds' capitol

and all kinds of important and not so important and wasteful and meaningful and puzzling and world changing and greedy and altruistic and corrupt things happen here and a bunch of humans that run around this place have the power to shape the world in which we live in ways we cannot begin to imagine until upon us. Sometimes the shape of which they choose involves dragging the country into the quagmire of battling an ancient christian/muslim religious war in Babylon that was sucker shoved down the throats of the American public by using terror and fear by deceivingly cross linking it to the unrelated 911 event while all the while the entire calamity is embraced eagerly by money hungry corporations awaiting their share of war profiteering guaranteed by the "good ol' boy" alliances with those assholes in charge.

Oh well, for each wave that crashes upon the shore, it is just a matter of time before it recedes. Speaking of assholes in charge, at least the asshole that the US has currently propped up in the White House is just a little itty bitty toy joke putz of an asshole as far as assholes go. Assholes come in all flavors and sizes and today the adventure for Scott and I involves immersing ourselves in the sheer and utter horror that a real deal asshole can create

It is beyond surreal to try and comprehend the true magnitude of the perversion of fear and hatred taken to the most extreme levels.

Humans captured, robbed, stripped, shaved and gassed by the thousands in an extermination process so cruel and inhumane that I would choose the luxurious life of a swine in a slaughterhouse over the fate forced on to the Jews, gypsies, blacks and gays by the Nazi's in Germany.

One of the most interesting things to me was the reality that an average normal and regular person when immersed in an environment that is saturated with hatred can so easily become a part of unimaginable realities as if it is business as usual. The human trait that allows things like the results of the Stanford Prison Experiment to be applied on a grand scale and for a country to embrace a culture of social cleansing so easily, resulting in such a horrid outcome, should be a good indicator that much care should be taken when aligning with ideals that involve taking a stance against a group of people. Nationalistic pride fueling nightmares. So when I read the paper in the morning and see flashes of the simmering stew of hatred as it brews against the illegal aliens or hear outspoken religious bigots gay bashing or taking stances against dissimilar peoples I feel a stab of revulsion. What I like is the thought of balance and I would like that balance to exist in the form that the preachers of hatred be blessed with being the exact recipients of the hatred they preach.

--- Show Day ---

**** Highlight of the Day ****

Certain people have unforgettable inspirational and memorable impacts on the lives around them. My highlight today was to get to hang with some that I do not see that often but it does not dilute the magic they spread.

If you don't recognize them, that's OK, what they are called is no where near as important.

**** End Highlight of the Day ****

Gratuitous goofy Dave Rat photo

and last but far from least, zee rock band

The big sigh from,

Dave Rat


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Monique on :

...That reminds me--I really need to sniff out a copy of 13 songs somewhere. Maybe that'll be my adventure tomorrow.

Bill on :

Great talking to you yesterday Dave. Loved your impression of Flea.

James on :

Dave, Big thanks to you, Lee, Jamie, Scott and Daniel for allowing myself and my guys to see the RAT world of the RHCP tour. We enjoyed every minute. You guys a great people and good at what you do. Again thanks and will see you next time. James

Ashley on :

I dont think you give DC enough credit.

Rob on :

Guy and Ian! Great shot.

eneko on :

RATM,RHCP,past and present at coachella!!! Keep on rockin' for a free world!!!

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