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Day 249 - Jan 27 - Tampa Day Off

**** Sound Nerd Speak ****

Or actually, just Nerd Speak in general. If you have been to the show or have been checking out the pictures you may have noticed that there are several video devices that Scott and Grier have designed into the show. The bulk of them are low resolution Versa Tubes that form the back drop and the overhead "spines." Additionally there are four high resolution video screens behind the band that move. These things are are not only crazy cool but stupid heavy. They move up and down plus ride on tracks from side to side forming several "looks" throughout the show.

Though on the surface this may seem simple enough, like many things on a grand scale, there are levels of complexity beyond what meets the eye. In order for these screens to safely slid from side to side on a portable track that can be setup each day, much attention must be paid to the varying loads they present to the overhead rigging structure. The mastermind behind this is our Australian techno genius, Raff.

Each motor that supports the track holding the screens is equipped with a load sensor that is connected to a laptop computer. During the show, in real time, in order to follow the cardinal rule of "gear fall out of sky = bad," Raff monitors the weight that each motor bears and has the ability to adjust the various motors with each move so that the weights are balanced and within the structural capabilities of the hardware. Here is a shot of the motor weights in the "parked" position.

**** End Nerd Speak ****

I have no complaints, the tour is awesome. That does not change the reality that it wears on me. The initial challenges and momentum has subsided and now it is about staying focused and keeping my head together. Another hotel, another city and the only thing that is consistent is the timeless sensation of the show itself. Combine that with the fact that my future is determined by an unfolding set of shows that appear in the form of pieces of paper and emails that list various cities we will travel. When does the tour end, where will we go? I have about as much idea as you do. Heck, half the time I find out about confirmed shows on long before schedules appear in world. No complaints, it just is the way it is as my future unfolds.

I do know we are going to Japan again as tonight we did a production dinner to discuss logistics.

Boy are there a lot of logistics in moving a show like this around the world and though I have seen it and am involved in it, it never ceases to amaze me.

Oh! I have been so meaning to grab some shots of Gnarls Barkley and here is a quick one I took, I need to remember to take some more.

That's it for now. The Charlottesville show was cool and the venue was a bit more compact sounding, I am at the point now where I look at the seat coverings and ceiling height and already know how the gig will sound before we even turn on the system.

Hey, I will not guarantee that I will do it and I know I have not been making enough time to respond to all the blog comments, but I do read them all, and if you have any requests that you would like to see me cover, post away and I will see what I can do. Just keep in mind that I am all about the techno end and roadie side of things and steer clear of the inner band stuff and any band related things when they are off stage.

Upcoming things .....

Some coverage on the touring monitor system (I should have hit that long ago)

Some shots of Flea's bass rig and perhaps JF's stacks ass well.

Till soon I write again,

Dave Rat


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Mike B on :

I want to give you my complemetns on a wonderful show in Charlottesville, VA. I was sitting on the upper deck, about a third of the way up on in the back corner, and it sounded fantastic (aside from one ear being pointed at the array and the other at the wall, of course :-) ). So a question for you: I'm not a very good judge of SPL levels yet, so I was wondering roughly what level you target shows to be at? Do you target different levels at different arenas? What goes into figuring out how loud to go?

Graham on :

I love the "Roadies In The Midst" posts, and would love to see guest posts from some of the other roadie humans! You have introduced this rich cast of supporting characters and I would love to hear more of them and their stories!

Janine on :

Just keep on keeping on Dave, with the blog & with the tour. I don't know if you've ever managed to look at my site & blog and it's fine if you haven't :) but just in case you have I wanted to share that this week I have been told that I am officially in remission..... so I am officially one happy bunny :) Thank you for helping keep me entertained in the dark days because I love reading your about your adventures. Janine x

Miguel Pacheco on :

Hey Dave what's up? I will be in the Tampa show tonight and then I will go to the Orlando and Miami show. I am pretty excited about rocking out. I just wanted to say I love this website and the whole idea. I was wondering could you show a cool pic of Frusciantes guitar pedals please and also his guitar rack, I would luv to see that. Thank you so much.

Sander on :

Hi Dave, really love you blog! Been checking it everyday since I found it :-) Would be cool if you could go into detail about the drum miking, as a semi-professional i'm experimenting with it for a while now myself and are very curious how you guys did this for this great band!

Brian Power on :

Hey, Your Trailer Park Boys DVD's are at the RAT shop. Enjoy!

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