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Day 127 - Sept 27 - Travel to Montreal

Hmmm, My plane ride home  is Flight #25, American Airlines from Boston to LA at the end of this trip. Why does that sound so damn familiar and why does it give me the chills?

Payback is a bitch and today I lay in payday. Locked in my hotel room I play catch up. A normal day for me has been averaging 100 plus non spam emails and it does not take much of a distraction to leave me drowning. Rock shows blog world, food, sleep, Rat Sound and adventures of life and happiness occupy the rest of my time and every so often I have to lock down and dig out. Today is that day. Fifteen hours straight with a 1/2 hour break for room service and a shower and double digit email counts. I remember pretty well what Montreal looks like from last time I was here anyway.

Not one to want to deny you at least some sort of adventure please join me for

**** Fairy Tale Time! ****

Once upon a time, long long ago gathered many friends from near and far to journey on an aero plane:

to a land far far away. Where upon they mount the grand yellow stallion:

Through the tundra they gallantly gallop

hundreds and hundred of feet from whence the stallion was greeted

where the posh and luxurious dwellings in which we will reside to rest our weary souls:

The valiant knights of infinite bravery

prepare to embrace the musical festivities of the Violet Femmes

and the Red Hot Chili Peppers

in the warm and inviting landscape that inspires roadies to frolic:

on our journey to the North Pole.

The end.

**** End Fairy Tale ****

The nostalgic

Dave Rat