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Day 405a - Chorzow Poland - Show Time

Heading back from Auschwitz I try and comprehend and envision the chain reaction of events that could possibly inspire a group of industrious and civilized humans to build a human slave and death industry. Well, it turns out that as horrific as the outcome is, finding the confusion that created was quite is quite easy. This has a pretty interesting slide show. And being aware of our human weaknesses may be helpful in self guiding ourselves away from things we do not wish to become.

Ok, enough of that for today and though it wont go away, how about shifting gears over into being aware of the fact that Mickey Avalon is playing and ponder the benefits of doing some exercise Jane Fonda style.

Watching his show just makes me happy and crossing paths afterwards gave me a chance to grab the gratuitous photo.

I must remember to go see them do a headline gig in LA.

It was a nice warm night, clear skies, pretty normal stadium and your typical skier's chair lift hanging over the backstage parking lot. Nothing unusual here folks, move along.

Back to what we call a "box" stage again and for some surprise reason mix position somewhere out in left field. I can mix the show from anywhere, hey, if audience are going to stand there, I should be able to mix the sound from there, right? Well, kind of right, I can and have mixed from all over the place and I could probably drive a sightseeing bus from the back while sitting on the roof but it would be a lot more mind-work and more stressful. That is how mixing the show feels from an off center spot. Too close is not good either as it becomes difficult to grasp the overall audience perspective. The optimum mix area is far enough away to be in tune with the entire venue while close to maintain a visual connection with the band. There is almost an invisible optimum area and it is the point where the audience naturally transitions from pit/crush to sparse. That beltway that divides the physically immersed from the visually immersed. Oh, and preferably in the center.

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Dave Rat