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Sept 26th - Alien Environment Only Lasts till Normal Sets In

Uh oh! No call sheet under my door! What time is lobby call? Oh, that's right, lobby call today - whenever, Ha ha! Reality shift as my life slips back to the other way. Way too much to do and every time I cross off something from my list, three more things jump on. Ahhh, but the timelessness is dreamy. Up at 7 am every morning and in bed by 9 pm or 3 am or up in the middle of the night all depending on what I am not sure.

The EAW adventure is moving along and if I can just remember to go to the grocery store I would not be hungry all the time. Oh well, eating is over rated any way. So stepping back to my notes and pics of the past.......

Day 457 - Aug 24 - Leeds Festival

Looks like Ozzy Osborne has a novel concept for solving the innate human nature to battle one another for no good reason. check out if you need one of these fashionable wristbands. Gotta love the Ozzy!

Ok, so here we are.

Leeds Festival is known for many things. One of which is being the sister festival to Reading, another is for having what is probably the worlds most notorious load in. I am standing at the truck dock. If you look closely you can see what resembles one of those contraptions you see at a museum that the ball rolls down in curious ways except here it is actually the ramp that you have to push every piece of gear up and down to perform the show. Though a mechanical masterpiece, it is also a roadie's nightmare.

The city of lights as roadie Lee grabs an overhead shot of mix position mid show. My home.

And with a flash of light the glamour erases and clear proof that lighting is inversely proportional to happiness.. ...

I wish I had more for ya but more is to come.

Oh, and all y'all that are working on roadiepedia, you rule! Some crazy funny stuff on there!

So sorry for being lax on responding to comments, my space posts and such, I just need to clear this bump of home acclimation and all will hopefully settle in. Also, I have all kinds of cool footage from Sonic Youth tour of the "Dirty" album that I will be posting soon on, for all y'all that like that kind o stuff.

Dave Rat