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Hearing and C-ing

Well and wow. Home acclimation continues going fairly smoothly, much less stress than last time but this time I am tempering the speed at which I take on projects. Lets see what's new in my world.

The EAW MicroSubs are now shipping and I am pretty excited to see how well they are received.

Unlike the MicroWedge's where I brought an already established product to EAW and we then together we revamped and improved them, the MicroSubs are an all new design and not really like anything else on the market.

One of my primary focuses since I have been home has been working with the Rat Sound Sales department to streamline things and expand a bit. They have been adding lots of new dealerships and such. After blogging about Fleabass

I got a really good response so the idea "Hey, why not have Rat Sound sell the Fleabass?" It is all about working together with your friends for a common goal of happiness for all and most importantly, doing so without stepping on others along the way. So cool! We lined up Fleabass and a bunch of other musical instruments from the same distributor.

Hey, if ya ever need anything sound, video, home theater, AV cables try giving them a shout. Rat sells all kinds of gear at low margins and have no problem beating prices if we can. Daniella and John Karr are super cool and we also really take care of everyone. Here is a link to the current manufacturers Rat offers:

So one of the many benefits of having all those dealerships is it gives me access to get demo's of various bits of gear. For all you sound engineer humans out there, I have decided to do some learning and testing on sealed ear headphones in hopes of finding a a pair of live sound quality cans I can use and recommend other than the discontinued Sony MDR CD3000's I have depended on for the past 15 years or so. Here are some of the ones I have been spending the last few weeks listening to:

One of the things I highly recommend is for sound engineers to have a great sounding pair of headphones to act as a reference point. My next blog post will have a run down of what I have figured out.

Speaking of learning and figuring things out, I went back and did sound seminars at Citrus College again.

It was the most challenging speaking gig yet. A 2 1/2 hour session to one group, another 2 1/2 hours to another group on friday. Then on saturday, another 1 1/2 hours to each of the two groups followed by an hour with both groups together. Nine hours, all through an interpreter (who was awesome by the way).

Meet the B group!

Fun though, I really enjoy doing it and really try to share some viewpoints, knowledge and perspectives that is outside of what is normally taught.

That's about it for now, oh wait, I helps my shorties make Halloween costumes. They wanted to be "Flight of the Conchords" robots. Here is Sammy

Now I am not much of a TV person but if you like Tenacious D, I highly recommend you check out the series.

And as the days and nights slide by, between doing bits of this and that, the ocean keeps rolling in. So here is C Street day and night pics.

Dave Rat

Oh, PS, this made me smile: