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Day 253 - Jan 31- Ft. Lauderdale

The momentum of being homeward bound mixed with being chased by arctic frosts and multiple states declaring a "state of emergency" hot on our tail combined with a glimmer of warmth all combined with the amazing south Florida crowd to create a stellar finale to yet another tour leg.

The end of tour mean gather all the bits that need to join me on the flight home and cram it all in suitcases in such a way that the airline will not hate me or capture it. It is always best to sort through things in an area that is spacious which is why I chose the largest and closest place I could find, which happened to be the parking lot next to the bus. For the most part everything went reasonably well with one exception

It appears that somewhere in my travels, there is a very lucky human that can enjoy the pleasures of hoping around on a very comfy left shoe. My initial reaction was one of dismay until I realized that having a single right shoe could come in very handy if I am skate boarding bare foot and I encounter some broken glass in my path, at which point I can whip out my comfy left shoe in order to navigate the obstacle. Wow, how lucky am I! And runing into Marcel, I said goodbye as he will not be joining us on next leg due to Mars Volta commitments.

I ran into Cee-Lo in the parking lot and hit him up for a photo op. Cool people and I have wandered on their bus a few times for beer after a show.

And for those of you curious, Cee-Lo is the human that sings for the Gnarls Barkley band. So show time rolls around and much to my concern, I notice that one of my tigers has escaped and after several seconds of searching, aha!!!

Ok, enough of this monkey business and pandering, off to face the other world called home and try and pretend to be a normal person, yet again,

The displaced roadie.

Dave Rat


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Don on :

How many gigs do you get where it is not life threatening to say -Hey one of my tigers is missing. Maybe your shoe was consumed by lost socks. Is the Vdosc inventory all heading back to the shop and do you do a full check on it all even if your own crew have been caring for it on the road, before any of it heads off on the next leg of a/the tour ? or is it parked up till the end of the month. (maybe a little too mundane for a dear ratty segment)

Dave Rat on :

Nope, the V-Dosc goes straight from one leg to the next. We pulled some gear to cover the Grammy's but the sound system is maintained on the road by the sound techs and will not see Rat for a rebuild till it gets dissassembled to go out on tour with another band.

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