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Old Bloggery Post

Ok, time to start firing up the rusty bloggery engine as the tour season begins to ramp up. And diving in, look what I found! An old blog entry I forgot to post from back in December. So here it is as it was and will try and do some catch up as well as share some more hopefully interesting or useful pics and info soon.

**** Old Bloggery Post ****

Been pretty busy with time spongey adventures. Mainly business stuff which does not come natural to me. Its a state of mind that tends to be fully impressive with overlays of inter related projects so I have been doing a lot more mini posts on Facebook and Twitter as they are higher on the instant gratification scale.

Oh, looks like Jon Monson and I will be heading to Arizona in January for Tour Link We have been meaning to go for a few years and with Rat Sound got nominated for an award, that tilted the scales.

The AES speaking gigs seemed to go well, yet I still feel a bit stumbly with public speaking I do enjoy it and my inevitable absent mindedness keeps it fun and challenging. It was very cool that so many people showed up and thank you! Anyway, if you are interested in seeing the slides I showed and/or hearing the audio, here is a link. AES sells the audio portion for $18 and you need to scroll about 3/4 down to find it

10AES-SE02 Friday Lunchtime Keynote - Dave Rat Audio

And if you would like to see pictures I showed, here is a slide show that goes along with the audio

Slide Show to match AES Keynote Audio

Also I had the honor of being asked to sit on two panels as well

10AES-L06 Subwoofer Directionality

10AES-L08 Fill Speakers in Live Sound Reinforcement Systems

They are also available for download as well. AES was good fun and especially to see all my audio friends.

Subwoofer Adventures

After doing the subwoofer panel I started pondering the disparities between sub prediction software and the realities of sub woofer setups. Once I was able to form some clear descriptions I put together some youtube videos so if you are a fan of the intricacies of the bottom end, you may want to take a look. My Youtube channel is

I will try and do one or two more one the subject soon going into more depth on larger setups and offer some more tips on getting better results.

I went out for the third year in a row to speak at Citrus College to Japanese sound students. This year they came to the Rat Shop

Back in october I got to do a cool show for Matador Record's 21st anniversary with some amazing bands. I came in as the FOH assist and mixed Guided by Voices and a few others. Here is the band list:

and here are a few pics:

**** End Old Bloggery Post ****