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Day 253a - Jan 31- Ft Lauderdale - Ebay Update

**** Ebay Update ****

Another phase of the eBay auction and today we fulfilled the "weaing of the ad." A bit of background. Scott and I had auctioned off the space on our backs in oder to finnance redecorating our front of house area. Twisting as things so do, the action exceeded our expectations and not only got us on the radio in several cities and a top spot on but it also brought in a whopping $ 406.00! Well, it turns out the winner was George Ravlich who owns a small sound company in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada. George, upon winning the auction, informed me that Rat Sound had been an inspiration in forming his sound company. His bidding was in part a way to say thank you and George, thank you! We on the other hand donated 25% to Surfrider Foundation and then failed miserably at attempting to decorate the FOH area in Tiki, switched to a Pirate theme and went way over budget, but all that was just burning time with smiles.

Following the auction and after after much thought, George decided that it had dawned on him that what would bring him the most happiness and the most memorable use of his unique purchase would be memorialize a good friend lost in a tragic way. He then had four shirts printed and sent to the Rat shop. So in a celebration of life and pulling threads of light out of darkness to weave a banner of awareness to possibly alieviate even one repitition of the senseless loss, we send our hearts out to Don Doucet who's life was taken by a drunk driver.

And so with unity and somber hearts yet smiles for perpetuating an uplift from down, the roadie advertizing adventure reaches reaches the finish line with roadies Leif, Scott, Dave Rat and Lee together. We are honored to be doing our small part in helping a global memory live of a life so carelessly taken.

To all the family and friends of Don, about the best I can come up with is

"Long after the band stops playing the music we remember can still make us smile." And from what George has told me, Don rocked!!

Dave Rat


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Nathan on :

Awesome. RIP Don!

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