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Day 260 - Feb 7 - Home

Starbucks office again. I failed!!! After waking up to see that Dan had posted this comment:


Great blog (and I don't say that about many!), it's kept me suitably entertained for the past few months - but I've got to call you up on one thing: Starbucks? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Pseudo bohemian corporate scum - there must be somewhere better just round the corner or have they already put them out of business.
(contains swearingly altered merchandise.)

dan mac


In my delirious morning state, I decided he was right. Why support some corporate conglomerate when I can support a smaller local entity. So I set off to find an alternative, drove around for 20 minutes looking and then after getting jammed in local traffic decided it will have to wait for another day. I don't hate Starbucks nor do I feel any alliance to them. Though I must admit that the grungy mix of homeless people, local starving actors and business people on morning break that come in waves to this particular location does provide a wonderful backdrop. I will try again to seek a new office, but I will save that battle for another day, today my time is short now shorter.

Hey, lets have a look at the work week - Today the monitor rig gets loaded into the Grammy's, tomorrow rehearsals, friday is more rehearsals, saturday is off and sunday is the real Grammy deal, monday we fly to London to arrive tuesday, Brit awards wednesday and fly home thursday, friday I am going snowboarding with the shorties.

Hey, look! Rat Sound is up for Pollstar "Sound Company of the Year" and the awards ceremony is on Friday as well and if all goes well, I may even make it down there to watch! An honor to be nominated and how absurdly cool would it be for little Rats to win against companies that dwarf us so dramatically business wise. Furthermore with Mcdonalds being voted "Best Coffee in America" and after tossing a pathetic chuckle in the general direction of the absurdity of the humans that actually marked Mickey D's as "Mmmmm, yumm, wow, this is the best coffee in America!," I ponder the relevance of winning anything that involves a cross-sectional american vote.

But here I am sitting in Starbucks, possibly without much a leg to stand on as far as being coffee critical. Oh well, off to the Rat shop,

Dave Rat


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Jon B on :

Dave, Congrats on Rat getting nominated!! It would be awesome if you guys won this year. It would really go nicely with the Dave Rat for President group. :-) How does that work for you when RHCP play's the awards shows? Do you mix the band in the venue or is it delegated to a house guy? Also do you have any control of the remote truck's mix's? Thanks for all the great info! Have a great time snowboarding with the little ones! Jon

Gus on :

Actually, McD coffee is rather tolerable, surprisingly enough. Not the best, but, pretty damned good nonetheless! I have a preference for 7-11 coffee as a rule. Pretty easily available, quite good (usually go after the grey handled pot..... this month is a nice Kona blend)........ Keep up the wonderful blog Dave. Entertaining, AND informative all the way around (as a fellow sound nerd, I appreciate the inner mechanics of your mehodologies, and, have tried out a few things you have mentioned with great results. Thanks aheap!) Gus

dan mac on :

Good luck in your search for an alternative to Starbucks, it'll be worth it especialy if you find a really good one run by people who actualy like coffee. If you ever find yourself on a day off in Birmingham (UK) give me a shout and I'll take you to a Portuguese place in my town - full of people speaking languages other than English and serving great coffee, it's the antitheses of corporate coffee shops. Someone needs to make a "2 Mins Away From Starbucks" website for weary and bleary eyed travelers who want decent coffee.

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