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Day 261 - Feb 8 - Home

When I started writing this blog, I carved out time in most days to paste myself behind the computer for some to several hours. As with most projects, there are obsicles in the early stages and one of those obsticles for me was my roadie friends missed me and two roadies in particular chose show that miss by repeatedly informing me that I have become "boring." Heart warming. Well, one of those roadies, Grier who is very creative and works on the Peppers show designs as well as owns part of a taco stand in New Zealand, makes cool clothing (he did several of the Rat Wear graphics) has fallen to the dark side and much to my glee and hopefully his dismay, I see that he has become boring as well and started his own blog Ha ha!! Hey Greir, Boooooriiiing!!! So for all you lampi and artsy fartsy types out there or anyone else desiring to be bored, it may worth a gander.

Now that we are done passing the boring wand over to Grier, we can have some fun and what better way to start having fun and while also sticking with the coffee theme, I dug up an old video that I took way back when I kept critters in my house. Oh! and some day I hope to again and I did promise my shorties that when this tour found an end I would acquire some little fuury friends. In the mean time, say hello to "Coffee Bean," a pet cat with a puzzling name.

And that completes coffee lishious blogerishious segment for today,

Dave Rat


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Ashley on :

a cat that likes coffee beans couldn't be cooler; what an awesome video

Ashley on :

I think I threw up in my mouth a little.

Miguel Pacheco on :

Hey Dave, If you give me an address I can send you Costa Rican coffee, best in the world. MISHA

Daniel Higgott on :

You got your cat hooked on coffee!! LOL! How rude! Danny

Rachelle on :

MMMMMMMMMMMMMM ..... Taqueria- best damn taco's in NZ! Rat, Its a damn shame you guys aren't coming to to NZ to give em a try. See you at Coachella!

Monique on :

That's hilarious!!! * wonders if my cats will eat coffee beans *

Mikey B. on :

I gotta admit I was freakin out a little seeing the kitty licking grinder and the power cord. I flashed back to the ol Bassomatic on Saturday Night live. Whew By the way I got no more litte furry visitors at my pad. I got one of those drop traps, and was successfull in catching 4 little ones. Humanely released and not to return. Thanks for the tip.

paula on :

I read that they put caffeine in commercial cat food to get them addicted so I'm not surprised your cat's down with the dope. Me too, big time, I'm on the Mayan coffee at the moment. Give it a try if you get the chance, that's the shit!

Greg Cameron on :

Hey Dave, I don't know if you're aware, but caffeine is toxic to cats and dogs, although yours may have acclimated somewhat if you've been doing it for a while: Greg

Dave Rat on :

Hello Greg! I want to meet up when I get back from Brit awards. As far as toxicity, with water being toxic it is so hard to tell what is what and what is not in what quantity and time frame. But I do know that for cats, coyotte's are very toxic and it just takes one and a very short time frame and poof, cat dead. The coffee beans on the other hand seemed to be less toxic than the water was to the woman or the coyotte's to cats in general.

Mikey B on :

So sorry Dave. No ill will, or distain here. Now that you mention it it is puzzling to me, how a thought like that could have flashed through my mind. But it did. Probably best to just read the blogs and remain mute for a while. All the best for the Grammys man.

Jordan on :

Dave, you're far from boring. And speaking of NZ.. We are seriously lacking in tour dates. How sad. Five years is a long time.... Have fun at the Grammys.

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