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Day 262 - Feb 9- Home

Ok, it is actually still the 8th but since I can play with blog time versus the real world in a slip synch rubber band way, it makes no real difference when I write and it gives me the feeling of being ahead of the game to believe I it matters. I just got home from the Pollstar Awards and other than the chatting with a few humans that I truly like, like the GoldenVoice crew, Paul and Dave from JBL and Stuart Ross who is a bit on a mentor to me from way back, I must admit that with a few exceptions, the Mcdonalds' of the entertainment world has once again won 'the best coffee in America' awards in every category, hurray, oh joy!

So on we move and back to the cats. Oh, have I mentioned that I love fuzzy critters? Though I do not have any that I keep in my home anymore, I do love the furry friends and sharing my space with them is something I actually quite enjoy but unfortunately the fact that they seem to lack long term food management skills makes pets a bit incompatible with my tour schedule. "Ok, fang (I used to name all my pets fang), here is three weeks of food, the tuna snacks are over here, chicken is in the middle and there are assorted dry foods over here in these bags, just open the bags as you need them so everything stays nice and crunchy. Don't scratch the couch, please poo in the toilet, be sure to flush and I put my cell number on speed dial so call me if anything goes awry, kiss kiss, hug hug and I will see you in three weeks. Oh and don't forget to feed the rats and make sure their water bottle is full with fresh water." Unfortunately my confidence in the outcome of this strategy is less than huge.

I guess if I kept a female human in the house to tend to the pets that I don't currently keep, this could be solved but .... ooooooh, that brings a whole new set of dynamics. Stepping sideways of that subject...


The coffee cat video I posted brought some interesting reactions from my bloggery friends ranging from smiles to disdain. From my perspective it puzzles me to think that anyone would derive an ill will or careless disregard in interpreting my intentions or actions, though I do respect the variety of opinions. So I think that perhaps a bit more depth on the subject may be in order, so here is another related video clip and I am honored to introduce coffee cat (actual name is Coffee Bean) and her three siblings to offer a bit more of the story -

I don't know why her particular feline affinity for java existed, I just know that it did and in small bits, who am I to deny a friendly furry friend a bit of pleasure? As far as the eventual outcome, to be honest, I went on tour and I am not sure if she was eaten by a coyote or passed onto a friend to to take care of. What I do know is that while our lives crossed paths, there was no gap in the mutual joy.

The missing friendly critters in my home,

Dave Rat


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spyder on :

That's a really cool'n'crazy coffee cat you got there, Mr. Rat :-). It's a shame you didn't win any Pollstar awards, but no worries, you just got the official Spyder's Choice Award for Excellence in Sound and Tour Blogging!!! Talk about lucky :-D. Link --> And on the bright side, in a world where McDonald's can win a Best Coffee Award anything is possible!!! ^^

Dave Rat on :

Thank you Spyder, that mug award is way cool!!! And as far as not winning, not a thread of concern and actually after observing the choices made, I think they do not deserve to have the Rat's. I don't want to be the Mcdonalds coffee that wins as I would much rather be the cool fringe amazing coffee that loses.

Monique on :

That video is so effin' cute and it makes me want to go play with my 2 boys...

Mikey B on :

So sorry Dave, No ill will or distain here. Now that you mention it , it is puzzling to me, how a thought like that could flash through my mind. But it did. Probably best to just read the blogs, and not post for a while. All the best for the Grammys man!!

Dave Rat on :

Hello Mikey!! Never hesitate to post! Oh, and I was not focusing on you, I recieved quite a few dierect emails that were considerably more "forward" let us say. Bring it on and all good, I think the concern is important and hey, some ideas are good, some bad and some lay in the gray middle. Coffee to cats may be in the middle. Oh, and check this out that someone posted:

Mikey B on :

Yea but introflectraspektion is.

Mikey B on :

So I shall continue to post! With this house gig and the free bandwidth, the audio blogs have become somewhat of a solution to downtime. That Grier blog is very interesting indeed. Maybe soon I can even enter the bloggosphere. Some kind of houseguy blog. It may not be as worldly as the roadie blogs, but it's really about the cool and amazing people we get to be with every day. Plus it feels a little non contributary, just glaming on to other peoples blogs. I went to the blogware site you have links to, and it seems doable indeed. Anyway, the redundant motor diagram you made is great. You can also go hook to hook with the chains, invert the top motor, and just rig the bottom one right to the piece. We did that Weenie Roast wall that way. This way the cable is more manageable. And lessens the risk of it getting wound on the chain, or sucked into the hoist. But still a bitch to run motor cable through the roof and down bridle legs for the inverts. So its still a puzzle on which way is best. By the way I still get a chuckle out of the way you waxed all the digi guys on that gig with your Sienna. Well I'm off on a break so I'll go to the coffee shop for some Kopi Luwak. If they have it I'm coming back with a shit eating grin. Ha Ha!

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