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Day 262 - Feb 21 - Ventura, CA

Please pardon my pauses. Oh the reality of overload tumbles in in an avalanche kind of way. Broken I have been broken, body stopped working properly and oh so many un alterable adventures surrounding me so on I go while trading naps and rest for time previously spent sharing. Work, meetings, interviews and all things pull in all directions endlessly. Sunday sees another tour leg and I fully intend to be fully up to speed by then. In the mean time before catch up time here are a few pics from a stop ar Red Rock Canyon on the way to Mammoth snowboard adventure

I bask in solving problems and the satisfaction of fixing things broken. Right now the my repair efforts are focused on fixing me!

The not so chipper,

Dave Rat


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Rob F on :

Hope you are OK Dave!

Rachelle on :

Wow those photos are incredible! Sending you lots of positive energy so that you feel better soon Dave. I am glad you are putting yourself first for a few days. Looking forward to hearing more of the Ratalicious adventure ... Be good RT

Ian Mc. on :

Get well soon Dave! :)

Mikey B on :

I heard a rumor that your friend Al G. may be saying something cool by next week.... all the best for all!!!

Nathan on :

Cool pics! Get some good rest, hope you're feeling chipper soon!

Janine on :

Dave, Hope it's only a bit of lag of the jet, and even a bit of tired of the tour.... noooooo what am I saying nooooo; you are needed!! Rest up well Janine x

Thomast on :

Hey Dave, hope you'll soon be well again, take as much time out as you feel you need. Nothing's worse than carrying an ongoin' ill-feeling with you, because you had to get up a day too early. All the best from Germany, Thomas

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