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Day 280 - Feb 27 - Rosemont, Il

The delays were delayed. We were told that our flight was delayed but when it was time to board, it turns out that the delayed boarding was delayed as well. Right before heading out on towards the runway, the pilot informed us that there is a bit of a delay so he shut the engines back down and we stayed parked for 1/2 hour before being delayed 15 minutes more and heading out. Other than the further delay in getting a take off slot, we took to the skies without further delay. Landing only two hours late, it turns out that there was delay getting into the gate because of another aircraft parked there. Unfortunately the "alley" where our gate was is only wide enough for one plane at a time and we are at the end of a line of planes with the same plan as us, no problem, it will just be a minor delay.

So we land, the backline three

and I, gather our luggage and then push it around in circles as none of us have clear info on what to do now. If it was not for a few text messages from Scott the Lampi who just went through the same confusion, we would have not known anything. Turns out that we are to take the hotel shuttle to the Airport Hyatt, a lame square temporary human habitat plopped in the middle of a flight path. The video ad in the shuttle bus on the way over, much to our glee, informed us that the "The Hyatt O'Hare is currently going through a major renovation which will soon make it a new and exciting business epicenter." Interpretation - Expect to try and sleep in a hotel under construction. And with that,

Welcome to the glamour of doing a rock tour!!!

First stop, Chicago-ish Illinois for a rock show. We were here with Lollapalooza but now it is time for proper full Peppers gig, kind of near the windy city. Good morning, it's coffee time and soon it will be time to head in to the office for a work day in an arena filled with loud music.

Come on, lets go turn up the giant stereo!

Dave Rat


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Anonymous on :

i was soposed to fly grand rapids to chicago , chicago to orlando to visit some lampie friends at martin lighting on sunday. ALL flights to chicago were canceled so i decided to wait till this sunday hopefully things will clear a bit in the week we were to talk about a new idea of mine to enable midi triggering via a wii wiimote i have its sort of working now.. but im still trying to write the coding for the sensor aspect.. this all running threw a program richard bleasdale creator of catalyst has designed called SAMSC in the end i hope to have the ability to hand a musician a wiimote and allow him to create a live lighting show by dancing around stage and wipping his hands around in different directions have a great rest of the run see you at coachella!!!

rex on :

adding here is an example of using the wiimote to midi trigger max/mxp

Rachelle on :

Sorry - totally unrelated! But I am very upset/ disapointed =( ..... RHCP went on sale this morning for NZ and both shows sold out in less then 10 minutes. The promoter was allowing 10 tickets per person for a 12 000 seater - duh! Tickets are already on ebay for rediculous prices. Anyway a very long shot.... just wanted to say - if anyone by any chance has a spare ticket - please let me know =). The first show is on my birthday as well - agh!

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