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Day 285 - March 4 - San Antonio - Off

So the Champaign show was in this little round arena that left me finding the FOH mix area at around 65 feet from the front of the stage.

Personally, I am really easy going about how far I mix from now a days. I did not used to be that way though. I used to have a miserable time mixing if I was too far from stage or I was not exactly the same distance every show. Too far away and I would mix too loud and heard too much room sound, too close and it sounded too loud and I would have troubles keeping things balanced as you can get away with a much sloppier mix when you are close and still have it sound good, but only to other people that were close as well. Those days are long gone. I do like to be centered but sound wise, heck I am fine being 100, 150 or even 200 feet away and letting more audience humans have a better view. That does not come without a bit of a cost though. I miss seeing the band up close and clearly. So in Champaign, it was refreshing to be so close and I took the opportunity to squeeze in some photos between audio cues and the room sounded quite good so I did not have a lot of adjusting to do. So, for those of you that like the band shots, I hope there are a few here you'll enjoy.

Oh, and hello Ratketeers! You three got a special treat and it was great to hang and cool gig choice to venture your adventure and thank you for swag heaven! And then comes time to roll and off to San Antonio and with big eyes and an honored heart I took the shortcut way around the twenty hour bus ride

Gaining a few hours of time not lost buying myself a dent in the infinite string of unanswered emails and ever growing "to do" list and a pile of moments I try and spare each day to share the fleeting adventure called tour with you. Next up, I take a little trip to another rock show on my off.

The constantly in motion and promising that I will do my best to catch up and respond to all,

Dave Rat


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Thomas Lange on :

Hey Dave, it's good to read, that you've recovered so fast. Cool pics by the way. If you took them with your small Lumix, they are even more amazing :-) You should charge them money for doing those good advertising shots for them :-) Maybe I'll see all you roadies in Hamburg later this year, Greetings from Germany, the "Up-to-give-his-speakers-some-fresh-paint-now", Thomas

Dave M on :

I like the "Flea need pee-pee" pic (third to last band shot)... Nice ride you got there, Dave. Dave M

Joe on :

Hey Dave, I've finished reading through the log from day one until now and its been both interesting and fun. Thanks for doing something like this. I have two questions though, and I apologize if you've already answered them already. I hear about rehearsals, and I think you mentioned them at one point. What are rehersals for a live tour? Is it just the band rehearsing the songs they'll play, or do you set up a PA and get things tweaked? The second thing I've been wondering about is the opening acts. Do they set their console up behind yours, and are they simply patched into your desk before they hit the PA? Also, do they share the lighting rig and snake? Thanks, Joe

Katie on :

Hey Dave, Awesome pictures, looks like we missed a good show. Thanks for everything. Hope to do it all again soon! Katie

matttheaudioslave on :

What about your little Microwedge friend Dave? Did Roadie Lee get him fixed?

Dave Rat on :

Poor little guy died!

Monique on :

Wow--colour me impressed by your camera quality.

John on :

Thanks for the pictures Tony the Tiger would say, "They're Great!"

Rockinfreak on :

Dave, great shots! Hopefully you can pass on the thanks to the "pink boa" ladies that hooked my friends and I up with some rat stickers and setlists after the show, very cool (even though you made it pretty clear you thought it was a pretty dumb request). And I apologize for hassling you about the setlists after the show, I know you were trying to tear down...Wonderful sounding show by the way, top notch!

Dave Rat on :

Not dumb, all good! I get extras and love to give them out!!

Rachelle on :

what show you off to Ratty?

rhcp_schipper on :

Hello Dave, This is some great blog you have! There's so much info and so much fun to read here! Very great of you you're having such a blog! I was wondering if their was a posibility to take some more picture's of the gear of John Frusciante? I'm so curious to see some more pics of his gear! Sorry if this was asked to much before! Greetz from Tim Schipper from The Netherlands! (the reason my english is not the best!)

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