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Day 286 - March 5- San Antonio - Off Again

Some times life can be a blur and while sliding back and forth in bits of time as we take a look out the window of a jet landing in San Antonio through the eye of an open shutter camera, proof of that blurry life concept is confirmed.

Texas is a proud state that is not only large but there are also a lot of cows and steers. I have a theory that it is the generational teachings of ranching which involves the corralling of fairly dim witted animals by scaring them a little bit with dogs and cowboys with hats on horses and then putting some food in a fenced area that is equally effective for turning four legged critters into dinner as it is for corralling votes from the idiot American public that makes up a high percentage of our country. Hence, the only logical reason we could possibly have babbling corrupt lying dumb ass running our country.

Anyway, Texas is proud and big and was home of Davey Crocket and Jim Bowie (the knife) and past famous wars. Hey, the Alamo!

Remember the Alamo!

Hmmm, actually I don't have any recollection of it. But I do remember Texas police setting up drug inspection checkpoints and randomly searching vehicles for degenerates carrying "The Pot" as they crossed over the boarder (from Louisiana to Texas) into the lovely overheated terrain of of oil, ego, greed and red necks. Fortunately, I was not a partaker in "The Pot" but my heart and compassion goes out to those unfortunate enough to be on the wrong side of twisted mind with a gun or a badge. That was back in '86 though when I had an immature illusion that Americans actually had some sort of privacy rights, you know, that whole freedom silliness that is supposed to make us proud Americans. Since then and well over a million miles traveled about and around this ball we live called Earth, I have found my way to seeing things a bit more clearly, perhaps. Texas pride, American Pride, Shit kicker pride. Perhaps we are truly only as great as we are willing to be humble.

Anyway, don't get me wrong, every city, state and country has it's fair share of assholes and I don't really mind them too much as we need them around to keep the friendly humans from getting lazy. Oh, and the Mexican food here is all good, as are many of the people I know here and speaking of Mexican food the 24 hour place to eat here is called Mi Tierra

And this big friendly guy has rooster. Continuing the wander I yesterday head down to the sexily named AT&T Center where Peppers will play in a few days

to visit another Rat Sound tour called Taste of Chaos

Eight bands, rotating stage and six Rat crew on the road with another V-Dosc rig. It is desire and duty to visit fellow Rats whenever the opportunity permits. Greg, Steve, Tony, Taka, Baby Food and crew chief Tommy LBC are out there running the sound and boy that tour moves fast and hard. Five in a row shows, covering ground so fast it makes peppers tour look like it's barely moving. Basically it is the closest thing to a roadie boot camp you can find on larger yearly full production scale, possibly second only the grand daddy of gruel, The Warped Tour. It is a love hate thing and the people that tour and enjoy the travels of Taste and Warped are a special breed indeed and it where we find out what the crews are really made of with it being a starting point for many a successful sound career, oh and quite a few crash and burns as well.

This tour bus with trailer setup is not uncommon on higher density tours. It is pretty cool for bands that travel relatively light to be self contained, often with band, crew and all the backline gear as a single traveling unit.

For a show like this with 5 minute set changes, dual digital consoles is pretty much the way to go. All the bands' sound engineers store their settings and at the press of a button are ready to rock. Yes, digi boards are not my favorite but neither is the sound of an MP3 player, the issue is, sometimes it is just too inconvenient to carry a live band in my pocket. This tour is running a pair of Yamaha PM5D's both out front and on stage.

The rotating stage has an "A" side and "B" side and the is a console pair for each. While one band plays, the next is setting up behind and spinny spinny poof, there is the next band when the time comes to rock. Speaking of rock, here is a shot of 30 Seconds to Mars

Followed by The Used

Cool to watch and cool to see my fellow soundies in cities afar. Finally, look at that! How cute, the Texans have put cowboy hats on the bathroom signs, awwww

Ok, I will see y'all tomorrow and hey, how about we head right back over to the AT&T Center for a change, wheeee!

Dave Rat


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Ashley on :

Whoa! I was going to say "Welcome back to Texas", but nevermind! I must give you credit- you managed to use almost every Texan stereotype in the book! As a Californian who moved to Texas, I'd like everyone to know that Texas isnt as hick as it seems to be (well, especially Dallas). Yes, they think that they're their own country, and yes, they y'all, but in my 4 years in Texas I have yet to see a spur or cactus or tumbleweed! Though I am now in DC (and am loving every second of it), Texas will forever be one of the greatest places I've lived. Dave- too bad you didnt go to Austin. I'm sure you've been their already, but I bet you'd find that less hick, as it is the most liberal part of Texas. It has character, however, it remains to be my least favorite part of the state.

Dave Rat on :

I love Austin and the creativity that radiates from it as well!~

Christopher Dean on :

As I read your hate filled diatribe today, a question came to mind. Why is it that liberals have the reputation being so inclusive and tolerant of others but in reality despise anyone who does not agree with point of view? I enjoy learning from your vast technical knowledge so I gladly tolerate your personal "politics of hate"

Dave Rat on :

Hello Christopher, Actually I don't hold "the hate" and if you read my words without bias or perhaps my expression is flawed, I am only relating a bit of frustrate, but not hate. I hold no more dismay toward predatory humans than I do for predatory critters, "necessary to the balance of life and I sleep better when one is not in my room." I hold no more dislike for bobcats than I do for rabbits. Too many bobcats and the world is a dangerous place where anything that moves is prey to be eaten, too many rabbits and there will be poop everywhere and all the plants consumed. Perhaps the conservatives are bobcats and the liberals are rabbits or maybe the other way around, but either way, it makes no difference. My politics are politics of balance. The great leaders are ones whom see the big picture rather than the microcosm of their own greed or bias. When a leader wins or looses by a thin margin yet takes the country in a direction that is highly polarized, he/she has denied the will of the people. Our country, at least in votes, was somewhat balanced, with slivers tilting the scale. Yet humans of power took that sliver and acted with it as if it was a landslide and began forcing an incompatible agenda, of which we are seeing the natural backlash. I don't hold hate yet I do observe a world of divisions and hatred amplified not that there is any more or less hatred, just that the cauldron has been stirred. I attribute that in part to poor leadership of the largest and most wealthy self appointed police country/state in the world. I also like to point the flashlight at what I perceive to be the warts or issues of brokenness in technology and occasionally in life and polititics as well. Hey, truly no hate, I just think that this countries' mixing board currently is having a few issues with it's Power Supply Unit and it's ok, we have a new one on order and it will be showing up FedeX in the not too distant future. It may not fix the issues but hey, troubleshooting and fixing complex things takes time and patience and a clear mind and willingness to get all the little sub units and bits working in harmony.

Alan on :

Well said. Whether we all agree or disagree is of no matter. The eloquence of your response is what makes us higher up on the evolutionary ladder. Higher than lampi's, even! Cheers, Dave, and hope to see you soon! ~Alan

Dave Rat on :

Oh, ya know I thought I would mention that the Texas police drug inspection checkpoint was set up on the Texas/Louisiana border by state police capturing Americans driving within their own country. Not on the US/Mexico border as logic would assume.

Monique on :

"the issue is, sometimes it is just too inconvenient to carry a live band in my pocket." haha =D appears that those are RHCP men and women bathrooms.

Mikey B on :

What kind of insert stuff you all using on 5D's. What cards are you using to facilitate. Be interested to know if anyone is using analog inserts, or if most use console processing. Thanks MB Texas=Beano

Dave Rat on :

Ya know, I don't know! I did not get into the tech side of that tour. But I did not see much in the way of outboard gear out there.

Mindy on :

Hey...was wondering if you could tell me what song it was that John sang undying love will be pledged

Dave Rat on :

Hello Mindy, I love love! I believe it was "Maybe" by the Chantels. Is this the one? Maybe, if I pray every night You'll come back to me And maybe, if I cry everyday You'll come back to-ooo stay Ooh, ooh, maybe Maybe, if I held your hand You will understand And maybe, if I'd kiss your lips I'd be at your command Ooh, ooh, maybe I prayed and prayed (You are my true dream) To the Lord To send you back, my love But instead you came to me (You are my true dream) Only in my-i-i-i dreams Maybe, if I pray every night You'll come back to me And maybe, if I cry everyday You'll come back to-ooo stay Ooh, ooh, maybe (Maybe, maybe, maybe) Maybe (Maybe, maybe, maybe) Maybe (Maybe, maybe, maybe) FADES- Maybe (Maybe, maybe, maybe) Maybe (Maybe, maybe, maybe)

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