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Day 288 - March 7 - Houston, TX

Say bye bye to the stage set as the world of presentation will be evolving and changing to new "looks." Our make up date Oklahoma City will be close but as our travels to far away places yonder and beyond, new things are brewing. Sound wise, well, for the most part I will hold it together as close to what we have now as feasibly possible. One thing for sure, you all will get an inside glimpse of the parts most people miss as this big musical contraption continues it's global adventure.

And also say bye bye to Gnarls Barkley, bye bye! Wonderful to have them out and they will be missed. Though the present slides into the past never to be repeated, a bit of sadness will be replaced by the curiosity of the new and yet to be known. For the last song of the last show, hey look!

It's Josh Klinghoffer rocking with the Peppers.

For an awesome grand finally.

Next we have a purely gratuitous photo of some sexy wires, ooooooh!!

Why anyone would need so many blue wires, I have no idea, but clearly this arena either needs them or maybe just likes them a lot.

Finally, before I say bye bye, for all y'all that like big huge long and impressive things, here is photo of "the other" camera that I use for the far away band shots.

Off to Mexico!!! Night night, Bye bye and yumm yumm Mexi food here I come!

Dave Rat


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Roo on :

Dave, you just referred to some wires as sexy. Not my place to suggest, but perhaps an extended holiday is overdue, possibly on a desert island far away from the temptations of such deviancy? :)

Dave Rat on :

Oooooh, wires and lights and things that get loud and go fast!!! Are those not the male equivelents of sexy shoes and cool little packages of makeup and shiny things like diamonds are to our female counterparts? Roadies love wires!

Mikey B on :

Carefull!! Stay away from the street carts. It looks good but by eating that stuff, you may lose 20lbs the hard way! Your camera would like the Pyramids.

Sander on :

Yes and one important reminder! Mexico City is already at 2000 meters up so if you want to take a look at the pyramids be aware of the sun!! I was there 3 weeks ago and burned my face and neck really bad just 3 hours before departing... I guess those sombreros are not only for the turists... ;-)

Maarten on :

Hy Rat, I was wondering, how large is the space you use for the Front of house control centre. I remember seeing one pic of it in the blog but that seemed huge to me. Personnaly i prefer i really small position, as it are almost always the best places in the house. I often don't even want to use a barricade or something because i want to feel the atmosphere in the audience if you know what i mean. With a jumping, beer-throwing crowd of course you take your precautions but i often see people having a half football pitch garded with barriers when only two lighting desks and two digico's are placed on a gig that has crowd that you can hardly seperate from furniture. ( i refer to North Sea Jazz) Do you have something like a shot from above from the front of house? And what is your opnion on this issue? And i do not (yet) have arena-large gigs but doesn't the management complain about the space you use? (and how is this often discussed on tours this size)? Greetz, Maarten (NL)

alex on :

hello i was at the houston concert for the chili peppers and i loved the final jam i was a little displeased that people were leaving during the jam! but what can you do haha well if u would please take a look at this thread at it would please alot of us over at the fan site :) thank you!!!

alex on :

whoops forgot to give you the link haha

Dave Rat on :

I read the thread. Though I do not have cotrol or a say in what is released, I can say that JF often reqests that I give him copies of memorable jam's and shows and that jam was one that he requested. Also, when they do release live stuff it almost always comes from shows that JF has requested. So though I have no idea what they will do, ya never know!

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