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Day 291 - March 10 - Mexico City Show Day

You know those days where you look outside and there is water all over the air? Introduce gravity and the water droplets align in a harmonious migration earthward blanketing all that lays below in a layer of wet. Well, this is one of those and the added layer of sluggishness accompanying that, makes things a bit of an uphill swim. Yet the momentum of the roadies press the day forward and through it we pass while and there is much to enjoy.

Modest Mouse, amazing music and one of the many answers to "Dave Rat, what music do you like and listen to?" Plus it was cool for several tour people to say "Hey, that opening band played the song that you put on as walk out music at some of the shows!" Their song list for the evening

and a shot of the band from my very distant mix area as seen through the wet air

So good, so happy, great music!And then this! Some things make me so happy that they leave me speechless and make make my eyes water. Look what Chad requested and Lyssa B made as one of the jump suits he wears at the gigs.

I am a very fortunate roadie indeed to be so lucky to have found wonderful and magic humans in which to travel my life. Outdoor show and things change Mexico gets a new show look and more new looks to come as the tour travels and evolves to far away shores.

Up closer with the audience water rain steam rising

Till the grand finale with, surprise! Josh is still with us and Flea trumpets

Often good ideas backfire. At times good intentions result in not so sparkly outcomes. What was I thinking when I agreed to let Scott have a vocal and unedited space to comic on the blog? Clearly he is suffering from much confusion! What could I have possibly done other than to post pictures of Scotty near naked and in every goofy and compromising angle I can. Arrrgh! But as they say, "payback is a bitch" so here goes and feel free to skip over this next part

**** Scott's Confused Babbling's ****

**** End Scott's Confused Babbling's ****

Stunned, I must now go and regain my balance and plan important adventures like capturing and hiding his passport.

Dave Rat

Oh one more thing; over the course of the blog, I have received many requests for links to other blogs written about the would of touring. Well, here is one that comes from a different angle and I found it an interesting read.


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sunshine on :

i love the face on the embryo; definitely one of the best comics so far

Mikey B on :

What an ambassadorial excursion! After the phonegetter incident, hopefully this proves that their are some decent humans in the U.S.A.. It would have been easy to loose it (your mind) that is.

barringtonbabe on :

I must be blind, but what on earth is that on Chad's jumpsuit? i thought for sure that your verbiage suggested a ratsound logo, but I just can't quite make it out. Can you clarify? Many thanks!

Dan on :

it is the rat sound logo. it's a bunch of rats see the white rat with it's tail underneath it on a black background... see like on all the rat sound shirts.. and swag..

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