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Day 293a - March 12 - The Goodbye US Crew Special!

It is the last day that this entire roadie crew as we know it, will be together. As the show evolves and the gear changes as does the vendors and specialized skills required to make it all work, so evolves the roadie crew. As many prepare to the scatter, here is a parting shot that Lampi Leif so brilliantly orchestrated. This is one of the pictures he lined up that includes everyone traveling in the non-band-party except the truck and bus drivers. Quite a task indeed and I was amazed it actually happened. I then took it upon myself to do a bit of hi tech and professionally skilled labeling so y'all will know who who is who

If you are curious to know a bit more about our FOH roadie, Lampi Leif, his web site is

Though I will see them soon, I still felt the desire for a goodbye hug

Shhhh! Scott and I sneaked the tigers into a road case so they will travel to Japan, we cant be doing a show with out mixing tigers, can we? Had to really stuff them in though as we also do not want to be carrying a excess stuff to far away places. I guess it is just a matter of the various perspectives on the definition of excess.

Finally to leave the tour and a sweet note, if you are so inspired, take the time to give this stuff a try. It is an awesome delicious way to make sweet that lacks the overwhemingness of honey and the drudgery of sugar. Yumm!

Good night sweet night,

Dave Rat


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Low on :

So, if you do it the way you do. Would it be nafarius to put subs in between?

Dave Rat on :

What do ya mean by in between?

Don on :

Dave, Leif is obviously a master at roadie wrangling, there must have been food involved or someone said there was more free internet downstage :-) but however he wangled it congratulations like all class photos everyone seems quite happy. Hope everyone gets a bunk on trip real soon. Good to see the mixing tigers are making the trip, out East(it is east from the UK) Hope they wont get case rot at altitude. We want more Lampi Scott cartoons.(Sorry Dave -your public is revolting) and more Dave Rat adventures. Don

Dave Rat on :

I want moe Scott the Lampi cartoons as well! I will forward your request to him. And I am adventuring as best I can! Thank you Don!

Rachelle on :

Look at all those blokes ... must be a whole lot of testosterone flying around. I feel a bit sorry for the ladies! Nice photo, end of another chapter - can't wait for the next ... =)

Monique on :

Wow! Leif did lighting for Yes! Awesome. I still have my Yes Rock Cards....somewhere.... "Owner of a lonely heart...much better than a..."

Jamie on :

Dave, Isn't Leif a Lampi? you have him as a Video wall tech ;-) Love the you have any downtime in Australia to have a Barbeque?

Dave Rat on :

Hello Jamie, I hope to be BBQ'ing in Australia. It does look like our schedule permits a bit of off time. The pic is color coded with the names to bubbles above. Some browsers though may screw up the colors.

John on :

Hey Dave, You guys don't get enough credit. I've been fortunate enough to see several shows over the past few months and everything seems to go smoothly. The fans always speak of how great the shows are, but it's all the guys you pictured that really help to pull off great performances. So I just want to applaud all the unsung heros that make it go for the front four of the band. All of you have done a fine job!!!

Dave Rat on :

Thank You John!!!

Monique on :

It's FINALLY occured to me who you resemble: Have you ever gotten that before? Because you guys could pass for brothers.

Dave Rat on :

Nope, have not got that one. I used to get an occasional Peter Townsend though.

Lisa on :

is there any way of getting in contact with Daniel and cliff? we were hanging out with them in Adelaide and they were really awesome guys.

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