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Day 18 - Dortmund Germany - Excursion

11:30am Overnight drive lands us in a parking lot of some unknown location, at least by us passenger humans. Turns out that our hotel is in the sports complex right next to a World Cup Football match (soccer to sepo's). Hmmm, the most important string of games for the most popular team sport on the planet earth. It's Sweden vs Trinidad and Tobago and the game is tonight. I heard something about 12 o-clock and streets blocked off. I guess we sent some sort of recognizance mission to check things out before driving the tour buses into a quagmire.

A 10 minute drive and a several block hike later, I was quite fortunate to capture some rare shots of roadies in their natural migration pattern from tour bus to hotel.

Roadies have been know to carry their nesting supplies for 10's and 10's of feet without complaining. Obviously in the situation below clearly shows that the maximum distance has been exceeded.

I like my current travel setup. Critical to package your world well. I use the 'push, pull and pack' setup that seems to be evolving as the preferred traveling human setup for those that have been around a while in the rock world. That is where you have a big bag with handles and wheel to pull, a smaller mid-sized bag that has a handle and wheels that you push (it is highly recommended that the mid-sized bag is carry-on-able for flights) and a third back pack bag that has your criticals. Criticals are passport, laptop, camera, toiletry bag, MP3 player, small hotel room speakers, maybe a spare shirt in case mustard attacks you in the airport, cell charger etc. It is quite an efficient system, allows you to walk for long distances with minimal stress and is typically good for 2 weeks of road life before laundry sets in. High visibility bags are a big plus for finding them both when they actually come to the same city with you on the plane and for describing them to the airport human when the bags decide to vacation on their own elsewhere, and you make the effort to get them back.

Two less successful bag setups I have tried in the past are:

The single-super-sized-28-day-no-laundry-washing-hockey-bag. Excellent for clothing supply, terrible to haul around (no wheels = bad) and the auto explode feature in every hotel room instantly merges clean and dirty clothes into one massive wad of mystery history. Carry bags that do not require a full unpack to find things!

The Super Light. Excellent for a few days but it gets really old, really fast, wearing the same shirt every 5 days and having to do laundry twice a week. I like to have a solid 2 weeks with me which means; pack for 18 days to account for doubles.

1pm - So, back to the Swedish. They are everywhere. Viking horns, face paint and a sea of yellow shirts and if I am not mistaken, they seem to have a strong affinity for drinking beer and having loud noises come out of the mouth part of the head.

These specimens were spotted quite a distance from the rest of the herd. Clearly they are taking advantage of a local watering hole.

Well, at least a lot them are staying in the same hotel that we are so we will not get lonely. Plus my room is 3 feet from the elevator so should never be far from my Swedish friends having a good time. This is gonna be fun! Too bad it's such a warm sunny day or actually would be grumpy about the inconveniences but actually I enjoy the unexpected, heading out for a walking adventure.

**** Highlight of the Day - Walking Dortmund and Iced coffee with friends ****

As simple as it is, just walking and wandering new places makes me happy and relaxed. Nothing like a good wander.

2 am - Eyes burn. I have over-computed. Hundreds of yellow stumbling drunk Sweeds (whom are no longer my friends) are finally dwindling into a sporadic horn blow and an occasional slurry yelp. Not the sound of a winning celebration below.

**** Issue of the Day - Less than optimum elevator location ****

They really put the elevator in a bad spot, I will try and recommend they move it farther from my room next time I stay here.

Good night.

Dave Rat



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Matt Steuart on :

I just found my self laughing out loud that you put the word sepo in your writing.. I have had the pleasure of working with many Australians who explained the colouful term to me. :)

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