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Day 295 and 296 - March 14 and 15- Home

Tomorrow I will board a plane for Japan and though I am blogging my days at home, I am actually sitting in a hotel already there. Unbeknownst to me as I sit here in Japan, soon I will sail through the air to a far away place only to find out .....

**** Special Report ****

Tomorrow we flew into Tokyo and upon arriving and preparing to board our connecting flight to Osaka, the backline three and me were met by a promoter representative informing us that the Japanese Peppers shows have been postponed, Anthony is under doctors orders not to fly and we are booked in an airport hotel. Please await further instructions.

In these situations a variety of responses are available to present. I can bum out and bitch only to become a bitchy bum out to those that have to listen, I can celebrate and that I get to go home, I can look at all the "what if's" or just smile and take a look at the new plan as the powers that be scramble to construct a plan. It is looking like a day off in Japan, a flight home and guess what? Not long ago I was faced with a situation where I had the option to be really bummed that I was going to miss my daughter's birthdays. There was a tour booked right on top but as things are and beyond my control, I smiled and let it go till I get back. As things twist in unusual and unpredictable ways, it looks like I will make it after all to their birthday. Once again, I just never know what will happen next, for the ups or for downs, it just is. As far as the Japanese dates, well, they will reschedule and who knows what that adventure has in store and either way, I am off to LA on monday.

**** End Special Report ****

And so, my days at home are spent scuttling about in preparation, clothes, bills, immediate issues, hugs hello and goodbye within 24 hours of each other and repack all I just unpacked. Off to see what happens next.

Dave Rat


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Daniel Higgott on :

Ah well, it bums you had to fly all the way to Japan to find that out... I would love to go to Japan though... Enjoy your day off! Danny

Janine on :

In my life I have found, especially recently, that everything happens for a reason..... Glad for your girls! Hope Anthony gets better soon though, I *know* illness is no fun....... Janine x

MB on :

Happy Birthdays all around!!! Are the shorties twins?

Dave Rat on :

Yes, twins they are!

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