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Day 300 - March 18 and 19 - Japan Day and Home

Today, all I have for you are some random wandering pics from various times on our trip to our weekend off in Japan. Sunday, our whole day off, was spent wandering Tokyo, the rest of our day off was spent on a train trying to get there and back. In our infinite wisdom, the backline three and I decided to buy the $20 train ticket rather than the $60 train ticket. Our logic was that we had nothing but time to kill so what difference does a few train stops make?

Who would of knew?

And finally as the blur came to an end, the last image I remember while being on Japanese non portable ground, hey look it's a bird!

The heading home,

Dave Rat


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jared on :

hey i love those tomatoe pretz, my brother brought them home for me when he lived in japan, awesome.

Monique on :

haha--love the picture of Chris =D

Mikey B on :

Hey was that a bullet train. I loved that thing. Looks like you found some simple food! Left that nostalgia pic on your ratsound email. MB

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