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Day 303 to 305 - March 24 - Home

I have been getting a bunch of questions about topics and quite a few of them I have covered in past blog posts. Since the blog has evolved into a monstrosity of hundreds of pages and I realize the locating the info can be quite task. So here are a few tips on getting around the historical blog world.

The best way to find stuff in past post is to go to the Rat Sound site where the Roadies in the Midst blog not only has a search feature but there is also a Google search that you can limit to the Rat Sound site. Also I have assigned a category to most of the posts so if you go to the "Sound Nerd Speak" category, most of the Sound Nerdery posts will show up. Same with "Meet the Roadies," "Ebay Auction" and many other categories.

Here are a few category links if you want to try it out

Special Features

Sound Nerd Speak


Meet the Roadies

Also, for those of you who are crazy enough to try and read the blog starting from the beginning, I put up a navigator page that allows you to call up any blog post sequentially listed. Beware though, the blog is giant and it would be a very time consuming endeavor!

Finally, for all y'all that have tech questions or are interested in sound topics or just want to chat about real rat, the critters, there is a message board on the Rat Sound web site that is just about as cool as it gets as far as informative, helpful and friendly humans. None that bum out flaming stuff where people get eaten alive for posting a question and none of that senseless bitch and whine crap either. Just cool, down to earth pro audio and and music enthusiasts helping each other out and sharing thoughts and ideas. There is also some good info in there on how to get started in the sound business as well as a place where Rat posts when we are looking to hire interns or fill other job positions.

And back I go to scrambling catch ups in the world of home,

Dave Rat


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Rachelle on :

come back!! There is a big gaping void of no bloggery entertainment in my life at the moment.....

Brian Smith on :

So can therebe some kind award if we have actually read the whole blog from the beginning?!

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