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Day 19 - Dortmund Germany - Fun!

6am and a blinding light mixed with a loud gritty scraping sound drags me awake. My window shades are pulled tight shut but the sunlight is relentless and unstoppable by practically clear window fabric provided. Had to open the window in the middle of the night to get some air, as my room was overheating. Sleeping was tough with the struggling sound of the air conditioner fighting a losing battle. I have a strong feeling that I am supposed to do something and have forgotten and that awful scraping noise is beer bottle filled trash cans following a human around, connected by his arm.

And magically, the mysterious call sheet has once again materialized near the door. 6:30am is the early call. I am going to do the 12 o-clock. 2pm is last call. By this time in the tour everyone knows which of the call times is theirs so the names of my fellow roadies no longer appear on the list.

My USB Wi-Fi adaptor has decided to travel separately from me. Maybe he joined my toiletry bag that decided to hang out in Barcelona and my blue tooth earpiece charger that jumped ship in some unknown location, come to think of it, I have not seen my Euro phone in a while either. The bright side, well at least my bag is a little lighter. Constantly dwindling possessions, I really don't sweat it unless it's a passport, cell phone or wallet.

**** Highlight of the Day - The Pods have found new homes! ****

Their new location seems to be an acceptable compromise. Hurray!

Big oval ring of a room. Hmmmmm, curved walls and circular usually means 'not good. Turns out the gig is just out the back door of the hotel after traversing a Spinal Tap maze of hallways. There are pieces of paper with arrows marked "RHCP Crew" pointing the way.

My Birthday! Aha, I knew there was something going on I was supposed to remember. Happy Birthday to me! Forty Four. I suddenly remember that have always wanted to celebrate my birthday in Dortmund, Germany.

Wow, today is mix in underwear day! The rule is: "If Scott or I receive undergarments for a gift at a gig, we must mix the show in said undergarments." I was very fortunate to be around when Scott received 3 pair of underwear, with matching vests, from the main man of the company that makes the Grand MA lighting board.

You can see my excitement

Nick the Fly was quite upset that there was not a forth pair for him. I offered to give share mine with him and swap mid show so he would feel better but he declined. He clearly has made a substantial self sacrifice.

Scott, MA, myself and Leif ready to rock!

And the for a look at the show:

**** Highlight of the Day - The band announces my birthday and thanks me for doing sound for them ****

Big smile and filled with a feeling of being appreciated. Thank you AK, JF, F and C for being wonderful friends and trusting me to bring the music you are so deeply passionate about to the people.

and then

**** Issue of the Day - Scott calls the follow spots on me ****

and there I stood there in my underwear lit like daylight in front of 18,000 people, (I had taken off the sporty vest) while the arena crowd cheered. Actually, that was a highlight as well!

Dave Rat



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Kristian Buchardt on :

Aargh, a bit late, but: Happy Birthday! Must have been a blast :>

Rafael Groborz on :

Happy Birthday Dave. I've forgot to post a comment a few months ago =) 'twas an awesome gig :P

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