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Day 315 - April 3rd Fly Fly Away Today

Four hours to go till lift off, bags are packed, I feel reasonably sure I have everything and I am watching some old tour footage I took on Sonic Youth's Dirty tour that I am copying to DVD. At some point I will try and put up some bits on Youtube.

On another note, i know I have been slacking on the roadie cards but I do have one I made a while ago and speaking of Sonic Youth, I present you Jimmy V, who I have toured with many times including Sonic Youth and Beck tours.

Bye bye home, bye bye dead plants, bye bye mess I hid in the closet, bye bye car, bye bye bed, bye bye little people. Hello airplanes and vans and rock shows and beaches and unknown adventure and wondering what will happen next. See you all from far away.

Dave Rat


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Andy on :

G'day Dave, welcome Down Under! Now that you have safely (a bit of assumption I know) arrived, I hope you can get over any jet lag from riding in a tin can before you start work. I came across your site purely by chance, and have enjoyed reading your posts. If you are in Adelaide long enough, don't hesitate to drop us a line. We can easily set up a day to surf, or swim with some friendly great white sharks! cheers Andy.

Dave Rat on :

Hello Andy, Thank you for the offer! Had a great time there! DR

David on :

woot he got food poisoning here.

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