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Day 317 - April 4th and 5th - Vanishing Day and Down Under

You never really know at what point the day disappears. I get on the plane on wednesday evening, fly for 14 hours and land on friday morning. Bye bye thursday. Though I guess it does not really disappear and it actually is just a really short day that comes and goes with the monotone blur of muffled jet noise and questionable plane food and though it may have been a short for a day but it sure makes for a very long plane flight.

So there I sit for hours on end in various forms of uncomfortable, tilting the chair back only to experience my pants working their way into a giant wedgey and my shirts creeping up my back as I slow motion ramp slide downward into the foot rest. So to no avail I start pushing more buttons before thinking as I am sure everyone does "How do these motor tilt plane chairs work, I wonder what's down under?" Lets take look!

Ewwww, lots of stuff, some necessary to the operation of the chair and the rest more resembles an archeological dig into the eating habits of past plane riding humans, ewww! Oh, and I want you to meet my friend Joey, who lives in the square box mounted in the seat in front of me,

Wow, check out the belly button on that critter! Enough monkey business, I really got nothing for you today except that even in the short time on this giant island I have spent here so far I have been drenched in sunshine,

smiles and an all around feeling of happiness amplified by the constant stream perfectly refined Australian sarcasm.

Correction, I do have one thing with a bit of relevance to offer beyond random babbling's and focusing on the irrelevant. The support act for this Aussie tour is Har Mar Superstar and though I am not familiar with their music, yet, I did receive their stage plot and technical requirements. This information in roadie terms is known as the "Tech Rider." The tech rider is a critical document that is hopefully but rarely forwarded to all involved parties so that the proper sound, light and specialized equipment can be supplied. Assuming the tech rider is up to date, which actually occasionally occurs, and it is within the scope of some sort of achievable reality, which also does occur at times, then the sound, light and production crews all set about on their busy ways to assemble bits of equipment so the support act is can be filled with glee. Fortunately, Har Mar Superstar appears to be one of those few bands that actually have their world together and have supplied all the relevant info in a timely manner to the proper entities. I like them already! In case you are curious as what a real life tech rider actually looks like, I have taken the liberty of posting the sound portion in it's entirety below. If you are not technically inclined though, feel free to skip the next section.

**** Sound Nerd Speak ****

**** End Sound Nerd Speak ****

Oh, and by the way, for all of you still trapped in yesterday, tomorrow is already a pretty good day.

Dave Rat



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Mikey B on :

I love the look of this rider. but with that input list I would have to cover my ass with 16 drum inputs! Then, if they showed up with a 5 piece kit, the rider clown would be laughing at me again! He He Ha Ha! Big up for the Lynott!!! MB

Mikey B on :

Do pardon... It does say stage plot.. not input list! oops

Kelly on :

Welcome to our fair city Dave! Happy Easter, pity the fools back home who have to wait an extra day for it. :) Enjoy the sunshine, we have plenty for everyone. Looking forward to the show tomorrow. Kelly.

andylouder on :

With regard to Har Mar , your riggers may need to fly a giant pair of underpants.

Mike on :

I just did Har Mar in Austin for South by Southwest. There, he was quite drunk and ran around somewhat singing along to his Minidisk player. Didn't have bass or drums, but maybe he's doing a different act. Best of luck: he was a handful for us.

Monique on :

Ugh--the first words out of my mouth were "EWWWWW!" after looking at that picture of under the seat...Yucky.

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