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Day 322 - April 10th Multiples Rule and Thank You!

Second show of three and how incredibly cool is it not to have to move 100's of thousands of pounds of gear around everyday. I want to thank roadie Lee, he rocks and gets all the stuff that I need to mix the sound dialed in each day. It is not easy stuff and I don't know if y'all have figured it out yet but I am a bit "out there" especially when it comes to sound world. There are a bunch of sound things that most engineers stress over that I could care less about and there are crazy and seemingly insignificant details that are crucial to things running smoothly for me. Patience, persistence and once again, he has gone above and beyond.

So, I have been getting a lot of emails and Myspace messages and text messages and blog comments and that is beyond awesome and I read every single one and apologize for when I do not respond right away or take a long time but I will do my best to and it is tough while out here and I truly appreciate the communications as it really makes this bloggery world worthwhile when I know that the effort is appreciated and enjoyed. So in my thank you's I want to thank all o yoos!!

So we left off last as we were heading out to do some possum petting. Now, possum's back home are not the most appealing critters but the Aussie possums are really cute and friendly

They let us pet them and they were gentle and even when my finger found it's way between possum teeth and a banana slice, the nibble was gentle

Roadies love days off in warm places! Off to St. Kilda

and the beach and wanderings and check ot this cool building near the tram stop

It looks old and there is a lot of cool architecture here and look at the external plumbing pipes. There are cool parts of town and little micro tiny shops and fun places to wander and see.

And so the day comes and goes with awesome food and magic friends and just a bunch of all around happiness and show #2 hits stride

Night Night,

Dave Rat


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Daniel Higgott on :

Hey Dave, I totally know what you mean with the comments thing. It definatly makes blogging worthwhile! Australia looks awsome! If I ever get down there I would totally check out the Neighbours set in Sydney! Though I am guessing you have not yet been enlightened to the glory of Neighbours, I don't think you guys have it in America. Ahh amusing Soap Opera fun! Danny

Andy on :

Neighbours location is in Nunawading in Melbourne. Not Sydney :) I'd hate for you to walk all over Sydney looking for it.

Daniel Higgott on :

Ha Ha cheers Andy! And Rachelle, I would LOVE an omnibus! I would watch it everyday plus an omnibus. lol only kidding. But it would be cool... *ahem* Danny

MKB on :

Thats f***in rad! They get right up on ya, them possums. Those ones here are more like mammal barracudas!!! The balancing effects of nature, wow, mammalicious!

Rachelle on :

Unless you were thinking of the gorgeous Summer Bay? ha ha ha ... I now live in New Zealand and they have an omnibus (3 whole hours) of Neighbours and Home and Away every weekend. Ew!

Rachelle on :

oops - the above was meant to be a reply to Danny and Andy - all the way up there at 1.1. Hello up there!

A3nn on :

General comment--love this blog. It's fascinating to see what massive labor goes on underneath the surface the musicians skate on. Thanks! Also a question you may have answered in the past, & if so, I apologize, but I was enjoying the "roadwork" section of the Chilis' Greatest Hits Video DVD last night. Do we catch a glimpse of the great Dave Rat hanging with Chad as he discusses his pre-stage warm up routine (ciggies & beer)?

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